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At my art school the majors are Orchestra, Band, Visual Art, Tech., Creative Writing, Vocal, Dance, and Drama.

America: Band

Just imagine this little fucker rocking a trumpet or a saxophone.

Usually, band majors are annoying and loud. A better word would be eccentric, but that makes it sound like a compliment (Not towards America, I love him, I just don't like band majors).

England: Tech.

Tech. majors are majorly really bad at their job, but there are a few who are very creative and can actually work with lights.

England is one of those Tech. majors that work with the "technical" parts, instead of props or setting. You'll either find him working with lights or in the sound booth.

He works with Creative Writers on his spare time as he is quite a fan of poetry and story-telling.

France: Drama

I was trying to choose in between Drama, Dance, and Orchestra. Dance, because of ballet, of course, but I feel like that wouldn't be his passion. Same with playing the violin or something.

I chose Drama because of his social butterfly attitude. For Drama majors, it is easy to make friends and initiate conversation.

Another thing I haven't mentioned is, when you audition for a major, it doesn't mean you're stuck in that major. You can preform for other majors and take classes for those majors as well. With this in mind, France would still be able to dance and play an instrument despite dedicating himself to theater.

Canada: Creative Writing

I am a creative writer, so I know exactly how they are. Creative writers are, mostly, introverts and would rather not speak in front of an audience of over a thousand people (we still have to, though). They are self deprecating and every single one of them believe that they are the worst at what they are best.

With Canada, I feel that writing is his way of expressing himself as speaking out loud can be hard for him. He loves telling stories via paper as people tend to listen when it is done that way.

Russia: Visual Art

I don't know, he just gives off that kind of aura.

Visual Artists are edgy as fuck. Either wearing too much black or too much pastel, dying their hair a different vibrant color each month, and listening to basic artists such as 21 pilots or Melanie Martinez (nothing against 21 pilots).

Russia would be a pastel visual artist, wearing soft colors that match his soft hair and personality.

China: Tech.

Techies are usually the most lazy and untalented people on campus. They always mess up recitals and performances with the lights or mics not working. People transfer to Tech. as they believe that it is less work. The Tech. director pretty much just babysits for the whole day because so many of them don't care about their major.

This is not the exact case with China. Yeah, he's a lazy butt, but he's very creative and can pretty much create art out of trash. He works with props and setting. He's also one of the small amount of people who care about his major.

Germany: Orchestra

Orchestra majors are very serious about their major. They and Band majors are the students who do the most in their majors, practicing and performing constantly.

Germany just reminds me of how serious they are about their performances, unlike Tech. majors.

Italy: Vocal

Vocal majors are the most basic of people on campus, though that is not always a bad thing. They don't know how to shut up, singing in the halls, in class, during study hall, and even in the bathroom. Everyone likes to listen to them sing, though it is only when they are actually performing and not being annoying.

Italy already sings all the time and he's definitely not a dancer, have you seen those demonic moves?

Japan: Visual Art

I don't know what else would fit for him. Visual artists don't do much on stage and pretty much just create something, display it, and that's it, they're done. I feel like Japan would appreciate that.

Romano: Drama

He's dramatic as fuck. That's all.

Spain: Dance

Dance majors are the perfect, popular kids. They dance all the time but you wouldn't know because they almost never preform. That's all you have to know.

Prussia: Visual Art

I was gonna say Band because of the flute, but I'm not quite sure if he fits in with that group of people despite him being quite eccentric.

Basically, there is this visual artist in one of my classes and she is the accurate representation of Nyo!Prussia. She has white/silver-ish hair, is German and speaks German, and brings up German history all the time in class. They even share the same edgy clothing style and can be very well spoken. So, yeah. He's a visual artist.

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