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While Louis was still in the flat his phone rang which is normal, but the number was unknown but Louis didn’t question it and answered.

"Hello sir, are you Louis Tomlinson?" A strange man voice from unknown number told Louis on the phone.

"Yes I am, but could you tell me please who are you" Louis worriedly said. He stood after that sentence.

"I'm calling you from St. George hospital, do you know someone called Harry Styles?" the man said.

"Yes I am his flat mate, why? What happened?" Louis anxiously said.

"Please sir calm down your friend had a car accident he was with other girl your name was listed as his next of ken, could you please tell his family about the accident" the man said calmly. Trying to make it sound as calm as he could though its not a normal news at all.

"Wait how are they? And how the accident happened? Are they ok" Louis said in panic.

"Mr. Tomlinson your friends are with the doctors now, please don't freak out and do what I told you" the man said trying to calm Louis and because he doesn’t have the whole day on talking with Louis.

Louis gazed shocked he was unable to get or process what he just heard.


In the middle of all what happened Liam was with his girlfriend Rebecca in her flat.

He was leaning on the kitchen door from behind just standing there and staring at her she was sitting in the blue sofa leaning on her right side her elbow was on the strips below the TV is opened in front of her though she wasn't watching her mind was somewhere else, he took the chance and went close to freak her a bit.

"I love you" Liam came from behind nudged her by whispering those words in her left ear.

Her body got goosebumps and she laid her ear on her shoulder and looked at Liam shyly.

"Liam, you know how my body chills when someone touches me" Rebecca said in tenderly voice.

He went in front of her and gently put his hand under her neck holding her head, touching her brown wavy hair, staring at her blue eyes, getting his lips close to her warm lips, giving her a softly kiss.

"Sorry love, but I cant stop doing that I love seeing you chill and shy when I i say it" Liam said while he was holding her neck and their faces fronting each.

"Fair enough" Rebecca said to Liam then kissed him back with a deeper kiss.

"I love you too" Rebecca said and Liam back to sit next to her snuggling her next him they were in their own world not knowing what just happened to their friends..


Louis, Zayn and Niall were in the hospital waiting for any news about Harry and Hannah.

"You couldn't reach Liam's phone" Louis asked rushing them, though being Liam around wouldn’t change anything, but he needed to get his head off the accident.

"We couldn't, but then I called Rebecca and now they are in their way" Niall answered.

"I called his family, but don't have her family number" Louis said, he couldn’t find a way to distract them. Or distract himself.

"He was going to tell her I love you that's why they were together, he planned on that time ago" He said out of nowhere, he was hurt that his friends in risk and he cant do anything about it.

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