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Hi my name is Jake and I will tell you how my boring life transformed into a life with extraordinary events. This is how i became a superhero. If you get this you are probably wondering aren't superhero's not real. Well for a fact they are.This is how it all started out. I was reading a fantasy book with Kana as the villainess. "Jake! There's no milk left in the fridge!" My sister yelled. "It's not my problem I've already eaten!" I yelled back. "That means you finished the milk! Go buy some" She continued. I didn't want to move out of my seat but  she was yelling too much. I got on my plain jacket and headed out. The corner shop was a lot cheaper but my sister hates me going there. "Whatever" i thought. The guy in front of the shop was holding a cigarette and smiling with his dirty black teeth. Did he not care for his health at all? I smiled at him then went in. I had a feeling his eyes were still on me. I went to the back of the store and grabbed a bottle of milk. I felt a hand on my shoulder. Fear ran through me. The smell of cigarettes and alcohol was strong. I looked behind me and the hideous face showed up. The man was still holding his cigarette. "What do you want with me" i said. My voice was shaky and unstable. The blade in his pocket was noticeable but no one was in the shop. Not even the shopkeeper. "Do you know what a serial killer is Jake" He whispered. His breath reeked and my nose scrunched up. He must've been doing his research to know my name. It was truly creepy. My body was shaking. He was going to kill me. My mouth was dry as he let the cigarette fall out of his hand. He reached for where the blade was. Now i knew why my annoying sister warned me. Well goodbye world.

My eyes were closed tight. I didn't feel anything. Not even a sense of pain. I slowly opened my eyes and saw the man on floor and blood gushing out of him. I couldn't hear any sounds of breathing. I was seeing a dead corpse in front of me. The milk was still in my hand gripped tightly. With fear controlling my body, i ran from the store. And i kept on running till i reached home. that's when I got a call from a person who I don't know .I wondered who it was so I called the number again it said the name was quick blaze .I was surprised that a it sounded like a superhero name .The person started sending me questions saying I will awaken your power ,the person said we should meet up by my house so I went because I was curious .When I went outside I saw a man whose hands were on fire I wondered if it was quick blaze.He came up to me for a moment My heart started to beat as fast as a formula 1 car. He came up to me and said I will train you .pack your bags your comming with me,because I was so scared I got my bags and followed the man without thinking .While we were on the trip to a random destination he told me I had super powers.I was so amazed when I heard it.

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