Chapter 2

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"What do you mean, no?!?!" Cade screeched.

“No. I flat out refuse,” I told him with a shake of my head, even though he couldn’t see it.

 “AJ, hear me out, at least.” He pleaded.

 I could practically see Cade on his knees begging me. Being the bitch I am, I decided to make him grovel.

 “What’s in it for me?” I asked with a smirk.

 “The love and thankfulness of two very lonely and very rich men?”  The way he said it made it sound more like a question than an answer.

 “Cade…” I said warningly.

 “Just hear me out!” Cade snapped.

 I was shocked that he would yell, especially at me! Cade never yells!

 “Okay…” I said slowly, still in shock.

 “My friend Brian’s studio is getting a shit ton of publicity, because there are some popular bands and artists looking into the place. If you go check it out, I’m sure you’ll find someone who wants your services!”

 “God, Cade, I’m not a whore!”

 Wes’ head shot up in alarm. I smiled at him to let him know I was joking, and he went back to ignoring me.

 “Wh-wha-what?!?!” He spluttered, “That’s not what I meant! Oh, God, please don’t fire me! Fuck, what the hell did I just get myself into? I’m so-”

 I cut off his rambling by laughing. Loudly.

 Wes glanced up at me, a smirk playing on his lips. I just shook my head slightly and he went back to reading whatever the hell magazine he had.

 “Look, AJ, just go! As your manager it’s my job to get you to do these things! You’re going and that’s that, God damn it!”

Then I heard the dial tone, signaling that he hung up. How rude!

 I looked up from my phone to see Wes trying to hide a smirk. He felt me looking at him because he raised his eyes, which were covered by his somewhat shaggy blonde hair.

 I was just now really looking at him since I came downstairs. Wes hadn’t shaved, so there was a little bit of stubble on his chin that I hadn’t noticed before. His hair was also left natural, so it was curly.

 “If you wanna fuck me all you gotta do is say so.”

 I hadn’t realized I’d been staring until Wes spoke.

 “But why would I wanna fuck you?” I replied.

 He walked around the island so he was next to me. He put his hands on my hips, and bent his head down slightly so his lips were next to my ear.

 “Why wouldn’t you?” His voice was low and seductive.

 Was he seriously trying to get me in bed at this hour?!?! It wasn’t even noon yet! It was then that I realized he morning wood.

 “Are you seriously turned on right now, babe?” I asked laughing.

 I saw Wes’ cheeks go red before he answered, “No…”

 “Babe, I can feel it right under my ass.”  I whined.

 “Well, would you like in your ass instead?” As he asked, he started to kiss my neck and move his hands up and down the sides of my thighs.

 “As much as I would love to, I have to go pack. Cade is making me go to LA to check out this new studio his friend opened. ” I broke away from Wes and started towards the stairs.

 “You want me to help you pack?”

 “No. I don’t want a repeat of last time.” I was now halfway up the stairs.

 “You loved it and you know it!” He yelled with a smile.

 I just rolled my eyes and climbed to the top of the stairs. I went into our room to get clothes for a shower.

After I found a decent outfit, I went into the bathroom and showered.

 When I was done, I dried myself and got dressed in a black bandeau, blue PINK tank top, and black skinnies. I slipped on my thigh high converse and zipped them up on the back. I added a skull wrap around bracelet and fluffed my hair up.

Satisfied, I went back into the bedroom and grabbed a couple suitcases. I put all my clothes in one, my shoes and accessories in another, and packed a carry-on bag with fun shit to keep me entertained, along with my lyric book and a few pens and pencils.

 “Wes?” I called.


 “Can you come up here and help me with my bags?”

 A minute later Wes appeared in the doorway. He walked towards me and grabbed my bag and a suitcase while I took the other one.

 We dragged them down the stairs and into the garage. Wes went and got the keys from the hook near the door and unlocked the car. He opened the trunk and put in my carry-on bag. Then he grabbed the suitcase he brought down and placed it next to the bag.

 “Your suitcase, m’lady?” He asked in a fake British accent.

 I smiled and handed him the suitcase, which he then proceeded to dump on top of the first.   

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