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When Claire came to, she noticed that both Daddy and her bag were no longer in the room with her. Did he take it when she wasn't paying attention?
No, Daddy wouldn't do that. Would he?

Claire got up and started wandering around the house, which was too spacious and had rough, bumpy walls that were a bright shade of white; the color reminded Claire of a hospital.

Eventually, she saw Daddy in his bedroom, digging through something, presumably a drawer. Claire thought nothing of it at first, but soon heard the familiar jingle of one of her fidget bracelets, which could only mean one thing: Daddy was looking through her bag and touching her stuff without her permission, something she absolutely hated people doing.

Claire flapped her hands, shrieked, and bounced up and down, which caught Michael's attention. He was about to tell her to shut up, but was interrupted by her shouting, "Stop touching my stuff! You didn't ask me if you could!"

"I don't need your permission," Michael snarled as he snapped the bracelet in two, which upset Claire
even more. She screamed with so much pain that Michael's (new) neighbors thought he was abusing her, which was an accurate description of what he
had done to her in the past, and presumably what he would do to her now that she had gotten the neighbors involved.

The rest of his neighborhood was used to the sound, and unfortunately had the same ableist mindset that he had.

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