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@HarryStyles: Welcome to the family/World/To your new life, Bethany Avianna Styles, time:3:45 am, birthday: 4th of February 2018. Thank u guys for all the support! Riley managed to bring this beautiful child to the world carefully and in a special way, right now Riley is lying peacefully on the hospital bed with little Bethany in her arms while I'm sitting next to her stroking the hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ears and kissing her constantly on her cheeks, I'm very lucky to have her and my beautiful daughter. Love you Riley ❤️❤️ 


@HollyTurnwood: OMG!!!!

@GemmaStyles: I'm so lucky to see this all close up.

@AnneTwist: She is such a beauty! Just like her mother.

@puffynaill: Finally she has arrived!

@niallxhoran: Congratulations Riley and Harry!

@LiamPayne: Congratulations mate!

@LouisTomlinson: <3

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