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Christy's P.O.V


 Two weeks later Carparthia docked in New York

It was a fresh start

A time to start a new life abroad, and move on from the terrible disaster that led in dispear, tears and sorrow

I also know that some of us will treasure the memories

For some it was their first time on a ship!

For me, the memory I will treasure most is stepping out of my car and witnessing Titanic itself, and then of course the first time I layed eyes on Rick, and the first time we kissed

I'm glad that I took Titanic, or I would of never met the love of my life Ricky

America was amazing, we took care of Peter and Daisy, who had their own little love story...

Even though Brian survived, he said that he didn't think he could take care of us after the death of my mother, he said looking at us reminded him of her, and that was too hard to take

Ricky got a job on the market and I got helping on a farm, we were taken in by an old couple who said we could stay with them until we earned enough to by a home.

Then finally, after six months we bought a house, just outside of New York

It was an average size house, but it was perfect

We got the occasional visit from Emmet, he was like a brother to me, he met the girl of his dreams Julia, they married after two months of knowing eachother!

Sometimes Harry came to visit us,  he stopped for the weekend then would continue on his travels, Harry never re-married, I suppose Lilly was his first and last love...

When we docked in New York, Ricky did something completly un-expected


New york


"Passengers!" A loud voice announced "Carpathia has arrived in New York! Have a nice ,new,life, and to the Titanic survivors, well done!"

Everybody cheered

"Come on!" Ricky said grabbing my hand

"Peter, Daisy, Emmet, Harry!" I called

They all followed us

"Ricky! Slow down!" I begged, out of breath

Ricky gave me a winning smile

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close to him

Ricky bought me in to soft kiss

"I love you so much!" he said through the kiss

"I love you too!" I cooed back

Emmet made a gagging noise behind me

"Now if you two love birds have finished with trying to make me vomit, let's go!" he said eagerly

Harry laughed

The doors to Carpathia opened and we all rushed outside

Thousands of people were gathered around to celebrate us docking

Ricky whispered something to Emmet and he grabbed my hand

"Where are we going?" I asked as he led me to a less crowded area

Ricky hesitated then crouched down...on one knee!...

Was he going to do what I thought he was going to do?

"Christy Snow" Ricky started "Since the very first day I layed my eyes on you, I knew you were the love of my life. Never in my life has someone made me feel as special as you do. Your beautiful, caring, amazing! That day when we first kissed... it was the best experience and moment of my life... and from that day, I realised, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So Christy? I love so much, will you do me the honour... of becoming Mrs.Blake?"

Ricky pulled out a ring from his pocket "It was my mothers" he sighed "It never leaves my pocket, I cant beleive I didn't lose it in the water"

Tears fourmed in my eyes

Christy Blake, if I said yes, I would be Christy Blake!

"Y-yes" I stuttered "Yes, yes , yes!"
Rickys face lit up

He ran up toand spun me around in his arms and kissed me passionatly

He put the ring on my finger and I admired it

Ricky Blake, the love of my life...


One year later we were married

Daisy was the bridesmaid and Peter was the ringsman

I know in the future,when i'm old and grey

And I have children of my own

If they ask me "Mother, where did you first meet father?" I can I smile at them and say "Well..."

Explain to them how a tragedy such as Titanic, has effected my life, and for the better...


:'( Thankyou for reading Titanic, it has been amazing writing this


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And even when I had my doubts about this book, you raised my spirit

I couldn't have finished this without you!

Love you all :')

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