Chapter TwentyEight- Just One Girl With Serious Issues

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Chapter TwentyEight- Just One Girl With Serious Issues

June 27th: First Quarter 

    I woke up in the morning feeling completely renewed. I'd probably gotten the best sleep of my life last night and it was showing in the way my entire body felt. Wow, it seriously was amazing how good you could feel after some good rest. It was amazing that I felt that way too considering I'd resided on the couch the whole night. At the end of the couch it looked like Snow had slept well too because he was stretching and yawning, looking not at all stiff. 

    "Morning," spoke Blue Eyes from behind me. I started so much that I nearly toppled off the couch, recieving a small snicker from Blue Eyes who I had yet to see. Oh and let's not forget the annoying laugh I got in my head from Snow. Both boys were in full force this morning apparently. 

    As I turned to glare back at Blue Eyes I almost did a double take. It's not like I haven't seen him with his shirt off or anything. I mean the first time I ever met him he wasn't wearing a shirt, but seeing him now was a little different. Seeing as I kind of had feelings for him now this was both strange and interesting. 

    Shaking myself out of my trance I put on my poker face and said, "Morning."

    Blue Eyes was ruffling around in the fridge and finally came back out with a jug of orange juice. Despite everything that was going on, watching him made me feel like I was actually normal. If I could stay in this moment for the rest of my life I would and I wouldn't care if it all lead to watching someone take orange juice out of the fridge. 

    "You want anything?" he asked, not looking at me as he poured his juice into a glass. 

    "Oh I think we all know what Amanda wants..." came Snow in my head. I threw him a quick glare before turning back to Blue Eyes. Okay, so the talking wolf probably didn't fit in my fantasy of normalcy, but I honestly wouldn't have it any other day. We could make him the family dog or something. 

    "I'm not very hungry."

    I laid back down on the couch and put my arm over my eyes. It wasn't that I was tired or anything, just a little fatigued from everything going on. Thinking about what could have been was making me kind of sad and it didn't help that springing in my mind now was what Lockheart said I had to do. 

    "Are you sure?" asked Blue Eyes as he came up to the back of the couch. Since I couldn't see him through my arm I wasn't sure how close he was to me until I could feel his breath on my face. 

    "Please don't make me watch this," whined Snow, jumping up onto my lap. Now that I knew the was human I didn't have any problem trying to knock him off. However, it was unsuccessful due to the fact that he clawed into my side, thus making me look like I was having a spaz attack. How perfect...

    Blue Eyes hands pulled my arm from my face and I laid there staring up at him. "If the two of you kiss I swear I will not hesitate to bite his lips off. This just isn't acceptable with me sitting here."

    Snow wasn't making any difference in me as I inched closer to Blue Eyes, mostly just to annoy Snow. His internal dialogue, which he'd forgotten to keep me out of, was making it very hard not to laugh. I was almost touching Blue Eyes lips when I couldn't hold it in any longer. I started hysterically laughing, Blue Eyes pulling away so he could roll his eyes. With a smile he walked off into his bedroom, leaving an annoyed Snow behind with me. 

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