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It’s an outrageously gorgeous summer day. The animals are frolicking about.

The birds are a chirping. The sky is a crisp blue as fluffy clouds gracefully cross the sky. The fields are full of life, critters of all shapes and sizes hopping and buzzing and running around. 

What we are witnessing, dear reader, is the ANCIENT WOODLANDS in action.  Our eyes do a double take as we come close to the edge of the tall grass. Suddenly from out of nowhere, a

creature dressed in warrior cloth pokes his head of his hiding spot. It is Nimton, a flying squirrel creature and protector of the High Fields of the Woodlands. He stands blocking the way, with his staff in a challenging pose.


"Oh hello...may I help you, exactly?

Ohhhh... you’ve come to save the planet, have you? Fancy yourself as an eco-warrior, perhaps. Hmph. You humans, always trying to save everyone....

WAIT!!! STOP!!! Where do you think you are going, exactly?!?! 

You cannot go there. No no. Absolutely NO HUMANS allowed past this point. Says so on the sign!

What do you mean you don’t know what the Woodlands are??? You really do have a lot to learn.

Saving the planet isn’t Monkey business you know.

What’s that? You ARE ready...(chuckles to a little dragonfly perched on his shoulder) 

Well, I’ll be the judge of that. 

It’s not so easy becoming an ecowarrior. Many try, few succeed. It takes Discipline, Determination and a Peaceful Heart.

You think you DO have what it takes? Oooooo....I like your spirit. (turning again to the dragonfly)

This one’s a feisty one, eh?

Ok ok...why don’t you have a seat on that log over there and we’ll start your training.

That’s right, get comfortable, cause I want to tell you a story. It will help you with your Listen good!"

Nimton gathers himself and pulls an oversized book from inside his sleeve. The title on the book says:  Legend of Satori. 

Ready? Now let's begin...

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