Eyes On Her

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Part 10-

Demi's POV;

I can't believe I've just had sex with the most beautiful girl alive, it was amazing. Y/N wasn't that rough with me too, but rough enough to enjoy it which was good because every other time I've slept with someone they're always been rough and it's not that I don't like it because it's hot, but every now and then it would be nice to make love of instead of having "Sex" ffs. I know we haven't know each other that long only a few weeks but it felt the right time and perfect, I've never ever felt this strong about a person before I really want to tell her how I feel but I'm scared she just used me for sex? I know she took me on the date before sex and all, but... Was that just get me were she wanted? No I can't seeing her being like that not Y/N out of all people. I really would happily call her my baby girl, maybe I'll check what my manger has planned and if I'm free take her to my special place what means the world to me, what I mean by special this person always took me here growing up telling me the reasons why it's important to them I still remember word for word today, I always go if I'm feeling down, or if I just need to clear my head. I was told by this person I had to make them a promise I would only show the one person I love and want in my live forever and always this place, I have to make sure I'm doing the right thing first, I don't want to let my angle down who's looking down on me. I need to make them proud I'm sure they'll be proud of me? Right..

You;" Demi? What you thinking about?" You say bring your body closer to hers

Demi;" ohh just wondering what we can do today if you and I ent busy?"

You;" I'm free all day and night because Matty finally coming back work, shall we go get McDonald's breakfast?" You say smiling away!

Demi; OMG I've not had that in forever yes!!!"

You and Demi both jump out of bed, you look at the time it says 9:30 you have while, you tell dems you going to have a quick shower. You're soon out the shower tell Demi she can have one, as you're walking into your room just in a towel, but you feel her daring at you so you thought of a plan because Demi was stood behind you, you stand infront of the mirror more open the towel slowly so everything is on show, you see her eyes widen you quickly wrap it around you again

You;"don't looking or else, go shower hurry up!" You say laughing

Demi just sods her head and runs out the bedroom, you go walk over to the draws getting a clean bra and underwear, putting them on. Going over to your closet opening the doors and just staring at all your clothes, you had to many to choose from. You wanted to look good but not to much, you pulled two converse tracksuits out a dark blue one and a red and cream one out, you end up picking the blue one to wear with a white vest top and your white converse shoes. You walk back at the mirror and your hair is almost dyed now, you just put it in a mess bun. You go sit on the bed waiting for Demi she soon walks in with a blank look on her faces

Demi;" I have no clean underwear or clothes, so before we go mc'ds can we stop off at mine?" She says blushing

You;" Demi it's fine I have pulled some clothes out, thought we can be twin? (You say winking at her) and underwear you can borrow some of mine and don't worry these are new I only got them the other day" You say laughing.

Demi thanks you she just throws the towel to the floor you ask if her wanted you to leave the room but she just simply nodded no. You didn't know were to look so you just got your phone outta your pocket and messing around on it, you stop what your doing went you feel Demi standing in front of you, she looked so cute in your clothes, her hair all to the side well of course because half of it shaved.

And with that you both leave the house and going grabbing foood.

Late that day

You dropped Demi off at hers after you's got your food, she said she had a few meeting and stuff. So once you got home you cleaned your house before ring your sister up

Convo with you and Jess

You; hey little sis, you ok? How my little dude?

Jess; woah, what you calling for out the blue? "Laughing" isn't like you..

You; I just want to know how you are "laughing"

Jess; OMG Y/N YOU HAVE MET A GIRL!!!! Ahhhhhh I'm happy for you.

You; hahahaa you know me to well, aww thanks Jess but they is more to it.. So meet me in 5mins at the little cafè near yours?

Jess; ohh okay see you soon big sis, love you.

You; loveyou too

End of convo

Sorry I haven't wrote more.. I don't know where to go with the story...

Thank you for reading hope y'all enjoying, you better be because Ive blanked everyone to write for y'all sooo 😏

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I love you all😊💛
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