Chapter 3

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Y/N's POV~

It had been weeks since I last talked to Felix and I was starting to feel unsure about my feelings. I felt as if my friends were giving me false hope.

"Dude, he's looking at you!"

"Omg, he's coming over!"

"Look, it's yah bae."

I once was scrolling on my social media and saw his posts. They were mostly quotes on breakups and how special this "someone" was to him. At the same time, I was also caught up with guy problems. 

This guy from my primary school recently told me he liked me. Problem was, he also likes my other friend, therefore I rejected him. After that, he kept teasing Jeno and I and kept saying that he was my boyfriend. The teasing went to far and I ended up...somewhat depressed? I also became cautious of my surroundings, one time I was texting my friends and he was reading my texts over my shoulder.

Before all this happened, Jeno confessed his feeling to me. I told him that he was just a friend and I wasn't ready to date anyone and that my parents were strict. He accepted it and said he was willing to wait. For that, I respected him. He took care of me during class and he knew about the guy from my primary school. Every now and then he would flirt and sweet talk me and remind me that he likes me. Of course, I would reject him, and tell him off for flirting.

Jeno's POV~

I'm really gonna tell her. I'm gonna tell her I like her. It was during class and our friends were saying that Y/n and I should date. She kept waving it off. I finally got to be at the table with her alone.

"Hey, Y/n..."


"I like you. Will you go out with me?"

She stopped working and looked at me with serious eyes. I felt as if the world had stopped spinning. I knew that look, she's going to apologize.

"Look... Jeno, you're special to me okay. You're my friend and you know my parents are strict. Plus, I'm not ready to date." She said with sincerity.

"I know, I just wanted to say it. I just want you to know how I feel. I'm willing to wait, until you're ready to date." And I meant it.

Weeks passed, and I found myself taking care of her, flirting and teasing her more. Of course, she kept scolding me for flirting. Every time I told her I liked her she would reject me. When I found out about this guy that made Y/n depressed, I offered to help but, her brother was there for her.

Y/N's POV~

*Calling Mark*

Y/n: "Kookie~!"

Crap. I called him by my affectionate name for him.

Y/n: "Mark! Hurry up! When are you picking me up?"

Mark: "I'm sorry I can't pick you up. My work asked me to fill in for a shift, so I'm on my way now. You know Chan/Chris?"

Y/n: "Yeah? Why?"

Mark: "He should be picking you up. He'll be taking you to his dance studio. His group will be practicing for their dance. So just do what Chan tells you. Okay?"

Y/n: "Okay~"

*Phone call ends*



Onion my fellow readers! Another chapter....again. YAY! Gee, ain't your life hectic in this story.  Did you like how I mentioned Channie in the end. Hehe.  Look forward to him in the next chapter? 

Anyways... I'm a Filipino, who also happens to be a multi-fandom meme.... and potato. I'm from Australia and yeah. I ain't telling you anything further.  (This was a great bonding session) 

Hope you're enjoying my story so far. Please look forward to my chapters of the future.  Keep up the comments because I love reading and sometimes replying to them. I also appreciate the votes. Thank you! I love you guys!

 Thank you! I love you guys!

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