6. The Stranger

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Trisha's mind was sick with worry. Some strange guy just called her and he knew about the one rule-breaking she did in her entire life. He sounded young and kind of scary by his tone. Besides that, she was extra alert at school.

"Trisha, principal wants to see you." Someone called out.

Panic hit her and she almost stumbled through the classroom.

Stay calm, stay calm.

 She kept chanting in her head and entered the office with a blank face trying to hide her internal panic.

"Trisha, sit down." The principal said with a kind smile.

"There is an art competition coming up and I want you to be a part of it." As soon as she heard those words, she sighed in relief.

"Yeah, sure!"

That was something she could handle easily.

"And Killian will be accompanying you." As soon as Principal said that she had a minor heart attack but she just nodded.

This was the usual criteria, the two best of the class went for the competition.

But alone with him was not a safe situation right now.


Every time Killian passed her in the halls or in the lunch hall he would give a smirk that made her gulp and sped up her heartbeat. He hung with the crowd that disgusted her, the perfects, the bullies.

She found herself a new hiding place since she was still a coward when it came to situations and her feelings. She now sat in the computer section of the library trying her hand at digital art because she felt like she could be good at it too.

A bing alerted her to a new mail and she opened it quickly hoping that it will be the theme for the upcoming competition.

But it was from someone with a weird ID, Romeo101 which was kind of close to illegal since these kinds of romance stories were banned now but of course, Trisha read it.

Who is that guy that keeps smirking at you?

She had to double check to make sure that is what the message read.

Who are you? She asked typing very fast. 

Her eyes instinctively looking for any CCTVs around.

If I tell you whom I am there will be no fun in that.

She was already in panic mode. What if this was someone was going to blackmail her for that one kiss?

You are thinking too much Tinker Bell.

Tinker Bell? Excuse me? I am not Tinker Bell.

You are for me from now on. Okay tell me are you interested in that guy?

I will not be engaging in any kind of chats or talks with you. Goodbye.

She wrote down the answer and clicked on blocking the user immediately.

Fortunately, the bell rang for next class and she rushes outside.

But then again her phone started ringing and without a thought, she answered.

"You can't block me from everywhere Tinker Bell. I will just be next to you then." There was the same voice and she trembled in fear.

"What do you want?" She asked putting her anger into her words.

"For now stay away from that guy looking at you from across the hall."

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