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"What are you ok?" Nick asked in his raspy voice squinting his eyes at the sunshine shining through my curtains.

"I'm fine....I'm good now." I let out a huge breath.

I'm fine now.

It was only a disgusting nightmare.

Who was that anyways.

"...Are you sure...?" He asked with a concerned expression on his face.

"Yeah I just had a bad dream...that's all." I said as I got out of bed.

"Well imma get ready for the day, you should too your dad is downstairs we should go talk to him before he leaves." Nick said getting out of bed.

"Yeah I'm just going to take a shower." I went into my closet to pick out an outfit.

I walked into my bathroom, closed the door and turned the shower water on.

I still felt really disgusted from that disturbing dream.

It felt so real and that made it even worse.

I washed myself hoping to feel less nasty, I dried myself up.

I put on my bra and panties, then black leggings, put on my slides.

I brushed my hair out and let it down to dry.

I wore one of Zion's hoodies that he left when he was over last time.

I love wearing his hoodies, they're big, comfortable and smell like him.

It honestly just made me feel less gross.

I went downstairs to see Nick already there with my dad.

"How you doing kiddo?" My dad asks as I sat at the table.

"Good, listen dad me and Nick have to talk to you." I say making him look over at us getting straight to the point.

"About?" He asked.

"Well umm we were thinking if it would be possible if we could move back to California." I say hoping he wouldn't freak out.


"Uncle, we just miss home and we feel strange in this town, it don't feel right." Nick continued the conversation.

"Yeah, and Nick hasn't visited his parents at the grave in a while, we haven't been there because we couldn't make it to the funeral." I said hoping we could convince him.

"I don't know guys, works really hectic right now." Dad said.

"Can we a least visit, please?" I plead giving him my puppy eyes while pouting.

No one can resist my puppy dog eyes.

Once we visit I'm sure we'll be able to convince him to stay.

Both my dad and Nick looked at me, Nick even awed.

"Aww you look so cute." He gushed.

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