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After the wedding, I returned to my mom and Mike's house. I was waiting to get an apartment in Toronto until I had a job.

I got a call for an interview from a large physical therapy network about ten days after I got home. They had offices all over Toronto. My interview was at their headquarters, which was near Toronto General Hospital.

The morning of my interview, I put on a pair of dress pants, a blouse, and heels. This was obviously not the kind of clothing a physical therapist would wear, but I felt I needed to present myself as a professional.

I drove into Toronto and arrived at the office early. I sat in my car going over potential interview questions in my head and checking that everything on my resume was perfect, though I'm not sure what I would have done if there had been an error. I'd printed out several copies of my PT license.

An hour and a half later I was back in my car looking up apartments. They'd offered me a job on the spot. I was going to work in the hospital doing pediatric physical therapy, which was my dream job.

I visited several apartment complexes. They weren't extravagant, but they were definitely a step up from the college apartment I shared with Bridget.

One apartment in particular appealed to me. It was in a brick building that held maybe 8 units total. The building itself was very old but had recently been converted from a warehouse to apartments. The available unit was a studio. It was one huge open space with a kitchen area, a living/dining area, and a sleeping area. It had a large bathroom with a big bathtub and separate shower.

Studios are something people tended to either love or hate. If you have guests, they can be impractical, but I did not foresee having many people stay with me. I loved the openness. The high ceilings and gigantic windows made the tiny apartment feel much bigger than it actually was.

I told the apartment manager I would make my decision within 48 hours, but I left knowing I'd be signing a lease soon.

As I sat in my car after touring the apartment, I wished I had someone to celebrate with in Toronto. Bridget and Jake lived in the city, but they were still in Europe.

There was one person who lived in Toronto who I knew would be thrilled to hear from me, but we'd had no contact since the wedding. I thought he would text me, but he didn't. I know I'd made it clear that what we did was a one night thing, but I still thought he would reach out. I'd hoped he would. Maybe I shouldn't have been so cold after our night together.

I texted Morgan the good news and sent her several pics of my potential apartment. She called me and squealed happily into the phone that she was excited for me.

I'd called my mom right after I got the job offer. I called her again to tell her I was on my way home and that I'd pick up take-out. Chinese food was kind of celebratory, right?

Everything moved so fast. I signed the lease, went furniture shopping, got everything delivered or moved in, decorated my place (mostly with things from Target since I had limited funds), and started my job.

All within five days of taking the job.

I came home after my first day of work feeling extremely satisfied. It was just the start of my orientation, since I would not see patients for at least a week. I learned a lot about what my job would entail.

After I changed out of my work clothes, I went online and ordered a bunch of scrubs. It was silly, but finding out today that my expected attire was scrubs was pretty exciting. Since I was working in pediatrics, I chose colors and patterns that kids would enjoy. My favorites were a blue set with panda bears.

I made myself a simple dinner and curled up on my new couch and watched reruns of The Office while messing around on my phone.

Bridget was finally back from her honeymoon. I sent her a text.

Me: First day of work was great!

Me: You and Jake need to come over for dinner this weekend.

I saw the three little dots and knew she was texting me back.

Bridget: I am so glad you had a good day!

Bridget: Jake says congrats!

Bridget: yes, we will def come over

Me: I want to see your pics from Europe. What you posted on IG was amazing.

Bridget: it was lovely

Bridget: you have to tell me what happened with Shawn, btw

Bridget: just because it has been a couple weeks doesn't mean I forgot


I'd already been grilled by Morgan extensively. I knew their takes on it would be different.

Bridget tended to be more romantic. She'd focus on that. I'd always sensed that she wanted me and Shawn to get back together. She respected my feelings, and would never have intervened to get us to reconnect, but I knew she felt we had something special. Even when she found out he'd been part of the hit and run, she believed it didn't have to be a dealbreaker for our relationship.

Morgan was a bit more cynical about us hooking up again. Her first reaction was to make sure he didn't hurt me. I'd explained that I was probably the more hurtful one, and she was okay with that. As long as I wasn't damaged, she was happy.

I finished out the work week with more orientation and training days. The more time I spent at the hospital, the more I liked the job. I loved going into the pediatric ward and shadowing a physical therapist for a day as she helped children. I could not wait to start working with patients of my own.

On Friday, Jake and Bridget came over. I threw together some pasta with sausage and marinara as they sat at the counter of my island. We were drinking a bottle of good red wine they'd brought from the vineyard where their reception had been held.

They told me all about the honeymoon, and by the end of their narrative I was eager to visit Europe. I looked at pictures on both of their phones as the sauce simmered.

We sat at my small dining room table for dinner.

"I love this place, Josie," Bridget gushed. "It's so metropolitan."

"I like that you are never far from your bed or your kitchen, which everyone knows are the two most important places in any residence," Jake said.

After dinner we sat down on the couch. I poured us some more wine.

"Go ahead and ask," I said. "I know you've been waiting all night."

Bridget grinned. "I know you hooked up with him, which I can't say surprises me, but I need to know if it was love or sex."

Jake gave her a look. "It could be both."

"Yes, yes, but it was probably more one than the other," she countered.

"We'd been drinking. It was purely sex," I told them.

Bridget looked disappointed. "That was not the answer I wanted. I have always maintained that you two were meant to be."

"That's a lovely romantic thought, Bridge, but there's nothing between us at this point in our lives."

Author's note:

This is kind of filler.

My dilemma...stay up until midnight (again) to hear the new song or go to sleep since I have to be up super early?

Thank you for reading. I'd love feedback in the way of comments.  I appreciate that you are reading, but as a writer I crave positive and negative feedback.

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