dying and living

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I have found that dying is so much easier than living.

Dying is considering talking to someone, but shutting it down merely because you think they don't care about you or perhaps it's because they have harder problems.
Dying is going home, debating on whether or not you should tell someone what's wrong.
Dying is shoving acetaminophen into your mouth in hopes your emotions will be healed with medication.
Dying is starving yourself.
Dying is blasting the music in your ears to the point where you feel like you're deaf.
Dying is considering all the ways you could kill yourself.
Dying is letting yourself give up.
Dying is depression.

Living is actually talking to someone.
Living is waking up to see the sunshine, even if you don't want to.
Living is seeing the bright side, even though all you've known is darkness.
Living is taking care of yourself.
Living is communicating your problems.
Living is making an effort to genuinely smile.
Living is climbing out of the hole you have buried yourself in.
Living is accepting you have a problem.

Dying is easy, but living is harder.

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