UKFr/FrUK Headcanons

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- England began to be less shy about or ashamed of his inner perv, embracing it, especially since that part of him usually acts up during situations in which France is involved.

- France checks himself in the mirror every morning, fixing his hair, applying his daily mascara, and taking a look at how big his pants make his butt look, then asking England for his opinion for the last one, usually getting the muttered response of "That's more ass than I'll ever have, so stop complaining."

- England plays Love Nikki whenever he has the chance and loves to imagine France wearing every article of clothing, accidentally squealing every once in a while.

- France is very serious about his Instagram posts, posting every single day. He usually posts selfies of himself with his friends or just himself with Arthur. On rare occasions, he'll post a few naughty pictures (that abide to Instagram's guidelines of course), pleasing both his followers and his boyfriend.

- England and France are both the same height, however, England has a longer torso, meanwhile, France has longer legs, making it almost impossible for them to share their clothing without it looking a little bit off. France still enjoys snuggling up in one of
England's t-shirts as much as England enjoys sleeping in one of France's sweatpants on colder nights.

- England has to constantly reassure France that he is the most beautiful being in the world inside and out as the Frenchman usually shakes his head and mutters something like, "That's impossible," or "No one thinks that." France has to constantly reassure England that he's a good boyfriend as the Brit has started working on his anger issues with a therapist, afraid he might unintentionally hurt France in a fit of anger.

- "I love you."
"I love you more!"
"Bitch, no you don't, I said it first."
"So? That doesn't mean anything."
"Yes it bloody does!"

- France is subconscious of his accent, having tried to fake an English one for plenty of weeks, however his horrid accent would find its way through once in a while. England is subconscious of his arms, usually hiding them under long sleeves as he believes they make him look weak and scrawny when that isn't at all the case.

- They give each other a kiss goodnight every night before they fall asleep. If one of them forgets to do it one night, the other will be grumpy all morning the next day until he gets his kiss. (England usually is grumpy everyday, all day, but still.)

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