Who is that girl?

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I am Gianna, a 13 year old girl. Every night I am haunted by the same dream. I keep seeing a girl, I can't see her face but I see her entering my home. I see her going into my parent's bedroom and  then I see her coming out. All the while her face is covered by her hair. 

When she comes out of the room her pretty dress is covered in blood. I can't see her but I know she is smiling. She then enters my bedroom and just as she is about to look up and remove her hair from her face I wake up. I wake up sweating and panting. 

Today was just another school day. I got dressed quickly like everyday and joined my parents at breakfast, my father sat reading the newspaper anad my mother sat sipping her juice. As i entered the kitchen I first kissed my father on his forehead and my mother on her cheeks.

"Hurry up honey daddy is going to drop you to school"


I ate my breakfast and went to school.

"Hey Gi!" I turned and smiled at my best friend Emily. She ran up to me and we both went inside school together.

"SO hey is your halloween costume ready?" asked Emily.


"Mine too! I am so excited. Oh by the way have you done your homework for the literature class?"

I groaned, our english teacher Mrs. Gomes thought it would be fun to set us an assignment where we research about hauntings in our city. All in the spirit of Halloween, her words not mine.

"I didn't find a single story"

"I did!"

"Nice, I am probably going to end up in detention."

"Oh cheer up, maybe they your turn won't come"

I cheered up at that thought and we rushed to our class. We took our usual seats in the last row and waited for Mrs. Golmes to come. She entered the class and switched off thh lights.

"Just for effects"she said clapping her hands together. We rolled our eyes at her and she looked around.

"So who wants to go first?"

To my surprise several hands shot up.

"Kyle you go first"

I watched as Kyle walked towards the front of the classroom. Kyle was a dork, he wore huge glasses and his hair was always greasy and kept falling in his eyes. He smiled at everyone and began reciting,

"SO I was uh I was researching in the library and came across a story about the local hospital being haunted. It is said that it was a mental institute first and...." 

On and on he went about how the head of the institute used to carry on experiments on mentally unstable people and how one day the ghosts of people who had died during the experiments came back and killed him and how to this date the people at the hospital saw ghosts.

"Very nice!" Mrs. Gomes said clapping Kyle a little hard on his shoulder, Kyle winced but looked pleased as he walked back to his seat.

"Who wants to go next?"

Mrs. Golmes looked around and picked Gregory. Gregory was a jerk, he was a classic bully and has troubled each kid from my class at least once.

He smirked in my direction and went and to stand in front of the class. I scowled at him, it seemed that I had happened to be the only girl who had stood up to him and had refused to be cowed by him.

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