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7 months later Jilly pov
I feel bad for armon. Yes he's been going to therapy and yes I've forgave him. Right now I'm 9 months pregnant and my due date is tomorrow. The pregnancy has been great but I'm huge. Rn armon was trying to soothe me.
Me:it hurts so bad (crying)
Armon: bae I know but just know that it'll be okay and I'll be here to support you and help you
Me:help me by getting me to the damn doctor
Bel: sis I know it hurts but armon is trying to help you babygirl and if you don't let him how do U expect to be help
Me: you right I'm sorry bae
Armon:you good ma I understand
The contractions started to get worse and I stood up because I felt like I had to pee. I stood up and water starting gushing out and a sharp pain appeared. I screamed In pain.
Everyone's rushing belcalis grabs Jillys over night bag and queen grabs the keys. They rush to the hospital and jilly is rushed to the room. Armon follows behind and runs inside. Everyone else is in the waiting room
Armons pov
I'm trying to get jilly to calm down and stop crying.
Me: Breathe baby Breathe
Her: IM ...... TRYING
me: starts singing to her and she calms down
Her: breathing slowly and crying silently
Me: keeps singing
The doctors are about to do the c section. The begin the procedure and jilly is calm.
Me: Breathe baby Breathe
Her: breathing slowly
Me: you good babygirl
Her: Yea its just so much pressure
Me: keep breathing
I was making sure she was breathing and soothing her. Then
Doctor 1: yayyy the princess is hear
By this time I'm crying. I'm a father. I'm gonna spoil her rotten. Jillys crying too.

 Jillys crying too

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Armon.warren Ar'Mani Ramaiah Warren
7 pounds 6 ounces
2:55 pm
I'm gonna spoil her rotten
Iamcardib titis angel
Jillyanais no more
Queennaija_ I'm gonna turn her into me
Armon.warren god no 😂😂
Chrissails_cant wait to meet my niece
Jillyanais @chrissails YOU AINT MEETING SHIT BITCH
Everyone comes in and everyone's awing taking pics and crying. Belcalis came and immediately took the baby.
Her: hi titis baby. Hi mama. Tell dada he need to marry mama. Say yeah.
I couldn't help but laugh at her silliness. I stared at jilly for a little before looking at everyone at everyone signaling to record.  Everyone started recording. I tapped a sleeping Jilly.
Her: hi baby. Wassup
Me : gets on one knee
Her : starts crying what is this armon
Me: Baby I know we've had some rough patches in the past but from the beginning of our relationship I knew you were the one. I just want you to know I love you with all my heart. I wanna spend another perfect day with you, wanna lay with you, spend the night with you and spend my life with you. Yeah you heard me right. I want to spend my life with you. Jilly Melanie Anais, will you make me the happiest man alive and become a Warren.
Her: crying And shaking "yes Ar'Mon yes" I said.

 Her: crying And shaking "yes Ar'Mon yes" I said

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