Bet; Ben Simmons {R}

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Justine's P

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Justine's P.O.V.

I chuckled at my phone as I was scrolling through Instagram.

"What are you laughing at love?" My boyfriend Ben asked, kissing my cheek and sitting next to me.

I smiled.
"This couple did this 30 day no-sex challenge. The loser was the first one to cave in and ask for it."

"Wow. Who won?"

"The girl obviously." I smiled.

He chuckled again.

"Yeah. Am I wrong?" I asked turning to him.

"Well, it'd be different if it were us."

"What do you mean?" I asked, looking up.

"Well, I'd obviously win." He smiled confidently.

I scoffed.
"You wouldn't last two days." I chuckled.

"Oh really?"

"Really." I smirked.

He smiled and looked down at me.
"Wanna bet?"

I raised an eyebrow.
"Okay. Bet. I say you won't last a month."

We shook hands and he smiled.

We were on day 29 of the bet. I was on the verge of breaking but I held it together, no thanks to Ben. He walked around shirtless more. Purposely teased me, knowing that I couldn't act on my impulses. Ben had been doing good but this last week he's been weaker. More touchy. More sexually frustrated. I knew he was going to crack soon and I was going to help with that. We were sitting on the couch about to have our movie night and he let me choose the movie.
I smirked as I clicked on Fifty Shades Of Grey on the TV.

"No! No. Hell no Justine. Change it."

I smirked and looked up innocently.
"Can't handle it?" I asked.

He swallowed nervously and sat up.
"I'm in the mood for a comedy."

I rolled my eyes.
"You said I could pick the movie Ben! You picked the genre last time."

"Alright. Alright. Fine." He mumbled, leaning back into the sofa and whispering a small prayer.

I smiled and leaned on him before starting the movie. He was doing good and actually enjoying the movie, and I was so sucked into the movie that I didn't even try to mess with him.
Then a sex scene came on.
I could see Ben staring intensely at the screen.
I smirked and looked at the bowl of popcorn in Ben's lap. I brushed my hand across his outline in his basketball shorts causing him to jump at his sensitivity.

"Sorry. I wanted the popcorn."

He glared at me and put his attention back on the screen. I looked down to see his outline sticking up more, he was really turned on and was getting harder by the minute. I could tell he was trying not to pay attention to it but for a guy, it was hard to ignore. He shifted uncomfortably, trying to relieve his problem.
I bit my lip and reached my hands into his basketball shorts causing him to jump.


"You have a problem. I just want to relieve it." I smiled, giving his neck a kiss.

He tried to moved my hands but that only made me grip him slightly tighter. I pumped him up and down as he groaned out in pleasure, he gave up trying to stop me and just let it happen.
"Fuck Justine!" He hissed as I went faster, still planting soft kisses on his sweet spot.

"Do you want me to fuck you?" I asked, innocently, slowing down.

He groaned and bucked his hips at the slowed pace as his breathing got heavier.
"Yes. Yes Justine! You fucking win! You win the bet!"

I smiled and removed my hand.
"I knew it."

He placed me on his lap grinding our areas together.
"Your going to finish what you started love." He said, taking off my shirt and biting my neck.

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