The Elements, and Myself

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My name is Anna-Maria and I was orphaned at the ripe young age of eight. My family lived in Australia. Therefore, I was home schooled and only spoke two languages English and Australian. Sadly, my parent's had died when hunters came. My mother and father were scientists. They were studying the animal habitat. When the hunters came, they were trying to kill the animals so they could take something like the foot of a Kangaroo. They are apparently very lucky. My parents were there when they tried to shoot the kangaroo and the people had missed and they were hit instead. Or so I thought in truth they were killed ... murdered. There is a secret that only I know and this secret could make or break or world. Just kidding like something like that really does exists. Considering I had no other living relatives, I was sent to an orphanage in Italy. Now you may be wondering why Italy. Frankly, I have no clue. I cannot even speak the language. Well anyway, the bright side to all this was that the person who owned the place is fluent in English but the bad side to this was that she was an evil person. She was so mean. I hated her and she would always hit me when I did something wrong. I wonder if this will be a new adventure...


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