The snake charmer

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"um my dad just called he said we have to go down to the wyrm he sounded like something was wrong he asked where jughead was as well so lets go please " they all stood up and headed for the door she grabbed her sunglasses and a few of the rolled up highs and put them all in her pocket said goodbye to her dog then got in her car with everyone and raced down to the wyrm she pushed the doors open and walked in, the others taking a place by the pool table the girl saw jughead was already there and leaning against the wall where there was a crowd of serpents talking when one turned around she saw who it was and was mortified

"Celestia and jughead jones Did you really think you'd see the last of me?" Celestia looked beyond confused " What the fuck is Snake Charmer doing here? Dad? please enlighten me " she yelled then tall boy intervened "No, I brought her in, to help us." she shook her head vigorously "We don't need Penny's kind of help look where we ended up last time""You don't get a say anymore.Since you broke Serpent law and hurt one of our own kind. Penny was about to tell your dad. Show him, Penny. Show 'em all." Celestia tried to speak but couldn't get a word in quick enough penny rolled up her sleeve and slammed her arm on to the table and revealed the red mark that remained "That used to be my Serpent tattoo, until your son and daughter sliced a chunk outta my arm and left me bleeding in a ditch in Greendale. But I'm still willing to help the Serpents.Tall Boy showed me those eviction notices.They're legit.Luckily, I can think of about 41 ways to stall the process.And I'm talking years." Fp sighed and leaned forward on the table "What's your price, Penny?" his daughter rolled her eyes "always a fucking catch you can't do the serpents one favour without something in return" Penny glared at her" Blood for blood. An eye for an eye.I want back in with the Serpents and I want him kicked out. Oh, yeah, one last thing I want his and hers tattoo carved off." she pointed at the brother and sister " And I want to do it myself. With a dirty knife" the girl became alarmed "dad if you let her go through with this i'll die my tattoo is on the left side where my heart is and what if she cuts too deep out of spite " the girl began nearly crying she choked back tears as she ran out the bar and to the trailer because it was so closest she bust the door open and sat crying on the couch curled up in a ball

not long after jughead came in looking for her "hey Celestia are you ok " she yelled back "do i look ok i've just been threatened to have my tattoo cut off and could potentially die from it" he sat next to her and hugged her she said "how come sweet pea didn't come get me? does he not love me anymore" she cried even more he looked down at her weird "what of course sweet pea loves you he can't live without you dad told him to stay at the wyrm to keep an eye on things and you know dad wouldn't let that happen your stupid for even believing that in the first place " she got up "i'm not stupid you fuck its not my fault they're doing this " he went to shout back but their dad stormed in and jughead stopped waiting for an answer

" Well? What did they say? Are they kicking us out?" Fp hung up his jacket "There's gonna be a vote.You two versus Penny." Celestia wiped her eyes and stood up "us versus What, they can't see what we get? With Penny in the picture?" jughead stopped then Fp yelled back" Penny's a cobra, but mutilating her? That's the kind of thing you don't come back from, Jug and Cel." she yelled back in a fit of rage "i didn't fucking mutilate her what the fuck do you take me for" her dad glared at her "i am your father and you will respect me you understand me ?" she rolled her eyes then jughead muttered under his breath " Yeah, like stuffing a teenager's body in a freezer?" he pinned his son up against the wall of their trailer" You need to learn to keep your damn mouth shut.Tall Boy was right.You brought the Northside down on us.Serpents are losing their dens because of what you wrote." then jughead argued back "Don't kid yourself.You're using my article.And they're using what happened to the statue of General Pickens as an excuse to justify something they've already been doing." Fp sighed then scoffed while Celestia observed "You think you're a hero, Jug? Cutting up women? Bringing the temple down right on our damn heads? You will be the death of us.Not the Northside, not Penny.You

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