The snake charmer

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The previously drunk couple lied on the bed lightly snoring when a certain pink haired serpent woke the two up she gently shook the now brunette girl she abruptly woke up her hand in a fist ready to punch whoever it was she opened one eye and saw her friend there she held a finger to her lips as she stayed still sweet pea still laying on her chest the other girl handed her a pill with water she had kept count for her friend because she knew she didn't any children just yet she mouthed a thank you and took the pill the girl walked out of the room and back downstairs where her and fangs were making breakfast they went with cereal and pancakes the now awake girl's eyes fluttered open and looked down to see her still passed out boyfriend as she slid out of his grasp but what she didn't know was this woke him up and his arms tightened around her body "really we're gonna play this game again i have the worst headache and i need to shower i feel gross " he let out a breathly giggle "ok i'll let you off but i need to shower after you " she nodded as slid off the bed and made her way to her en suite where she jumped in the shower a few minutes she heard the door open and instantly knew who it was "sweet pea fuck off for five minutes i need to shower on my own " despite that the glass door opened and in got sweet pea still wearing nothing he pouted "but i missed you too much " she rolled her eyes and walked up to him trying not to slip she put her hands onto his cheeks and pulled him closer as he smiled into her lips he pushed her against the cold tiles and her back arched from the temperature change he slowly lifted her legs so they were around his waist she pulled back "sweet please stop i need to go get dressed and i feel like shit " he smirked "i can help you feel better" she frowned "noo i need to go run errands but we can have fun again tonight i promise " she winked as he let her legs drop "i'll leave you to shower because i'm finished " she walked out the shower and draped a towel around herself she walked into her closet and chose what to wear she chose a pair of denim shorts with a lowcut sleeveless crop top that had wolves printed on it she wore it because it showed off her tattoo she tucked it into the shorts and finished it off with her serpent jacket she slipped on her louboutin heels on she then went on to hair and make up she firstly scraped her hair into a messy bun because it was still wet and just went with red lipstick she then walked down the stairs to her other friends

"hey there Cella hows it going " fangs said gleefully she groaned as she sat down "oh my god why are you yelling" he laughed "i'm not anyway you want some pancakes toni made them herself" he smiled at the girl she smiled back "yeh why not i'm super hungry " the girl cooking slid a plate to the hungover girl across the island while fangs sat the other side and toni sat the over side fangs broke the silence "so you had some fun last night " she looked up at him stuffing food into her mouth " what makes you say that?" he smirked "oh nothing just how loud you was moaning last night " she nearly choked on her food but quickly composed herself while blushing "oh you heard that sorry" she looked down awkwardly then sweet pea came downstairs he put an arm around his girlfriends waist and kissed her lips she laughed "did you find your clothes alright ?" "uh yeh i mean considering you stole most of them i had a good collection to choose from" they all giggled then Celestia spoke up again " so who's on rolling duty for tonight ?" fangs smirked as he got up and came back with the container that was once full with the high they loved was filled with ready rolled blunts "already way ahead of you C" the girl looked shocked "my man fangs " she clasped hands with him and pulled him in shoulder to shoulder until she got a phone call she looked to see the caller id as her dads she stood up and grabbed her phone and walked down the hall while answering it

"hey dad what's up ?" he sighed then replied "is jughead with you ?"she shook her head"no why has something happened? are you ok ?" he said almost sadly "no nothings happened but i'm gonna need you , sweet pea ,toni and fangs to come down to the wyrm "she began to get worried now "uh uh ok i'll try and get in touch with jughead on my way " he said "thank you sweetie i'll see you in a little bit " she hung up and he did the same she walked back to to her friends

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