Chapter Four

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So turns out his name is Shaun. Shaun is funny as hell and it helps that he's great eye candy. You may think I'm some kind of hoe for entertaining another man, but I'm anything but. I may be upset with my husband but I don't think I'll ever get to the point to cheat on my husband. He may have done dirt but two wrong don't make a right. I hate the fact I can be in the presence of a good looking man but all I can think about is my no good ass husband. I'm sitting here playing with this fake ass ring. It's fake because it symbolizes nothing. Not unity. Not commitment. Not marriage. Simply nothing.

Anyways Stephen finally shows up and kisses my cheek and daps up Shaun. Stephen has been there through it all the miscarriages the heartache the sleepless nights drunken arguments all that. He is more than just my best friend he is my brother confidant and protector. I love him dearly and if anything were to happen to him I don't know how I would cope.

Stephen: I see you two haven't killed each other nor are you fucking on my table. So I guess that's a good thing.

Shaun: Nah little miss Layla Mae ain't too bad.
Layla: I guess Shaun ain't too bad after all.

So we chopped it up and all of us went our separate ways but not before I got me Shaun's number. He genuinely a good person and a cool ass friend something I need in my life.

Later that afternoon

Ive been shopping, went to see my momma and daddy and now I am in the grocery to get something to cook for tonight.

Honestly just throwing shit I want in the cart shit I'm the only one I'm feeding from now on. He can get his women to cook for him. Cause I'm done I want to honestly live my life away from him but I can't seem to bring myself to just give up plus if either of us file for divorce before our 5 years are up we lose everything. All that I have worked hard for will be gone and I can't have that.

I'm pulling up to the house and I see another car there. One I have never seen before, so I'm like who the hell is this? I park behind the car leave all the shit in the car and go unlock the door. I walk in and I hear giggling. Like full blown giggles son, and it sounds like it's coming from upstairs. I wasted no time going for the gun in the hall closet cause baby I'm not playing these games tonight. I'm mad as hell walking up these steps. I'm rethinking all the dumb shit he has done but bringing a bitch to my house is by far the worst. I'm looking through the guest rooms and they not in not motherfucking one. I say a prayer as I go towards my bedroom. The giggles are getting louder the closer I get to the door.

"Baby when are you going to leave that fat bitch and come stay with me?"

"Soon baby. Real soon. I just have to wait out the 3 years clause to comes into effect and then I take my 8.6 million from her company and we can go anywhere you want."

I'm at the door and the bitch isn't closed nor locked. If this man thinks he is getting a dime of my money he is drinking crack you hear me.

Do I really need to go up to this room and make a big scene? Do I really need to do all that and make a fool out of myself? Do I really care that much about what this man does that I would let his disrespectful ass actions alter my personality in anyway?

Hell yeah Bitch cause a scene. Bitch could careless about what this man does but the disrespect is just too much to let the fuck go. He is fucking somebody in your house in your bed!!!! Yeah bitch lets show this nigga.

I bust through the door and and fire two shots in the air

" Both of you bitches better get the fuck out my fucking bed and get the fuck out my house"



"Ain't no baby lay nothing" get the fuck out my bed. You and your bitch"

"Who you calling a...."

This bitch talking way you much

I Pistol whipped the hoe

" Listen here bitch this is my shit and you ain't finna disrespect in my own house. So what you gonna do is grab yo shit grab yo nigga and get the fuck out. You got 2 minutes after that more bullets will follow."

They ran their asses up out my house with a quickness. Naked and all. I'm not playing this game with Alex. After giving this man my all making sacrifice after sacrifice for our marriage so that our relationship could go the distance all for him to throw all that shit away and just start playing with these bitches in my face. Nope. I hope he's ready to see how it feels to give and give just to have someone take that shit for granted. It may not be me who gets to teach him that lesson but best believe you reap what you sow.

Simple as that.

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