chapter two ; crystal eyes

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september. 2009

"Uh I've never really wore all that shit." Millie said as she pointed to two oxygen masks. "I usually just cook."

Finn exhaled and wiped some sweat from his forehead. They were in the middle of a desert, in the middle of nowhere. He was a bit worried about getting lost but he knew it would be the safest place to cook. They wouldn't have to worry about anyone stumbling upon them.

"We need protection or the chemicals will ruin our health." He stated firmly. Safety first was his life motto. Millie on the other hand didn't give a shit about safety. She simply wanted to cook meth. 

The curly haired boy suddenly started to unbutton his shirt.  He slowly peeled off the lime green clothing. Millie was extremely confused although she was actually liking what she was seeing. She hated to admit that he was really attractive.

"Woah woah woah, what the hell is this?" She scoffed when she noticed him unbuttoning his jeans. She had no clue as to what was going through his head. She always thought he was a psycho but he was proving it to her by cooking meth in his underwear.

Finn sighed deeply at her obliviousness. "I can't go home with my clothes smelling like chemicals and shit." 

Millie inhaled and slightly shook her head. She then grabbed some of the necessary supplies and entered the rv. Finn gathered the rest of the items and followed closely behind.


"Holy shit..." The brunette girl muttered silently. She was staring in awe at Finn's first ever batch of meth. It looked like pure glass. There was no foamy white color on the inside and it shattered into perfect little crystals. "You're a genius..."

Finn smiled and pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. He was surprised at how wonderful the batch did turn out. However he was a bit annoyed at Millie. She spent most of her time smoking outside instead of handing him the necessary items. 

All of a sudden Millie grabbed one of the crystals and crushed it with the handle of a nearby knife. She was lowering her head down until Finn grabbed her shoulder and stopped her. 

"Yo dude I wanna try the product." She voiced loudly. Finn pursed his lips and shook his head. 

He knew if she snorted just a little bit she wouldn't be able to stop. Ironically enough, he didn't want a meth addict to help him sell meth. 

"We do not use our product. This product is for selling only. And as I said before, I cook and you sell. You keep me completely anonymous. I want nothing to do with the street side of this." The tall boy stated firmly. Millie sighed and nodded. 

Then came an awkward silence. Finn took the quiet time to look her over more. She was surprisingly very pretty for a drug dealer. She had nice hair, a good figure, and absolutely beautiful eyes. He found it a shame that her personality was horrible.

"Trust me man, we are gonna be swimmin' in the dough. You keep cooking and I'll keep sellin'." 


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