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"Oh Donnie!" Melania Trump yelled, she was inside the royal white house when Donald finally arrived home from a meeting with Kim Jeong-Eun. "Yes dear?" Donald said giving her a light hug and a smile, the truth was that Donald did not like Melania anymore, he had a crush, but it was a secret. He knew she was only staying with him for his money, who wouldn't? Melania was having a affair with Mike Pence at the moment, the two would get together when Donald was out. "how was the meeting with that but-thole?" Melania asked sitting down as her husband came it sit next to her, "it went well i guess, he's just gonna bomb California, nothing to serous." Donald said grabbing a whiskey bottle from the counter near by, "that's all well, anyway, have you seen the mirror I put up in the bathroom of the oval office? also, get some cleaner in there, its so smelly inside." Melania giggled. "wow rude" Donald scoffed at Melania, he got mad at her so easily. "anyway, I have to get some bills passed" Donald said getting up and heading to the oval office, it was around 3'o'clock so there was plenty of time to spare for Donald. He headed into the office and locked the door, he hated when his worker's came in a bothered him when he was working, its rare when he calls anyone in he stays in there all day in night some times. Donald smiled to himself and ran into his bathroom, he saw the new mirror that Melania was talking about, he looked into it. his head started to feel dizzy, like he was falling, he looked around the room and his vision was blurry. He closed his eyes and opened them again, but this time, he only saw horror.


not just in the mirror 

right next to him.


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