Baking fiasco

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Jonathan Groff

Once we got to Lin's house we were greeted by a smile from Vanessa.

She went to me and hugged me.

" Why am I being treated so well you are scaring me !" I said freaking out a bit.

" Don't freak out Jon I made dinner and you're helping me since you will soon be second wifey !" Vanessa said teasing me.

" Very funny Van " I said chuckling.

" Save me " I mouthed to Lin.

" Have fun !" Lin said winking at me.

" Lin sweetie you're helping too !" Vanessa said smiling at Lin sweetly.

" Huh what was that I think I heard Francisco crying!" Lin said trying to get away.

" Nope sweetheart if ever you can keep Jon some company at the oven " Vanessa said smiling at the two of us.

We nodded and went to the kitchen.

We decided to make chocolate chip cookies.

We were making the dough when Lin put cookie dough on my nose.

" whoops !" He said smirking.

I shook my hands at him. Lin smirked and licked the cookie dough on my nose away.

I smiled and put a bit of cookie dough on my finger.

I put some on his neck and smiled.

" Whoops !" I said smiling at Lin.

I smirked and licked the cookie dough off his neck.

" Fuck " Lin groaned.

" Do you like that?" I asked smirking.

" Don't stop " Lin said breathing heavily.

I got more cookie dough and put it on his pants on his crotch area.

I went on my knees and licked it off his pants.

" Yess " Lin hissed putting my face deeper into his pants.

I chuckled and got up.

" We should probably get back to baking " I said winking at him. " Jon I'm hard " Lin said frowning.

" Hmm " I said frowning " It's too soon in our relationship to be having sex "

" Hmm fuck " Lin said chuckling.

I smiled and we continued baking.

Soon we were finished and Lin's son ( Sebastian ) got back from a visit to his aunts.

Sebastian went to Lin and hugged him.

" Hey buddy! " Lin said smiling at Sebastian and wrapping his arms around him.

" We made cookies you want some ?" I asked Sebastian smiling.

" Uncle Groffsauce!" Sebastian said looking at me and smiling.

" Hello Sebi !" I said smiling at Sebastian.

Seb unraveled himself from his fathers arms and hugged me.

" Ooof ! You've grown quite strong haven't you?" I said smiling.

Seb chuckled and nodded.

" Sebi's home !" Vanessa said going into the kitchen. " Are you two finished?"

" After loads of teasing and fun we were able to bake some cookies!" I said impressed with our work.

" Good now get out of the kitchen so I can make dinner!" Vanessa said shoving the three of us away.

" Uncle Groffsauce want to see my room?!?" Sebastian asked me.

I chuckled and ruffled the boys hair.

" I've already seen your room sebi " I said chuckling.

" Ok call me when dinners ready!" Seb said going up the stairs and into his room.

Lin shook his head and pinned me against the wall.

" I " he said kissing my neck .

" Am " He said lifting up my shirt a bit and kissing my chest .

" Still " Lin said kissing my  tummy.

" Hard " Lin said kissing my crotch area.

" Not here " I groaned pulling Lin up.

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