The Indian version of "Techno-Man": Sumit Walia

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The electronics industry is one of the fastest growing ones in the global arena, boosted by the rapid advancements in engineering and technology. This industry, especially the imported electric goods segment, provides various opportunities for entrepreneurs to explore. Talking about world's electronic goods market, Indian Electricity goods market still has a long way to go if compared to the rest of the world's electronic goods market. The reasons behind the same could be the technological factors that Indian electrical goods are lacking.

That's where getting the electronics goods imported came over as the need of the hour to enable Indian Electronics industry to match its steps with the advanced technological revolution going on across the globe. Sumit Walia, CEO of Creative Electronics, is a name which has brought Indian electrical goods market inches closer to the quality standards of the rest of the world. Creative Electronics has now become synonymous to supreme quality along with best quality standards in the fields of Imported Electronic goods and systems.

Sumit Walia now targets to bring more advanced technologies to Indian market to enable the people go hand in hand along with the rest of the world in terms of Technological advancement. In his words, "Once India comes to the same level in terms of Technological standards with the world, there is nothing stopping our country to become the Global power". Sumit Walia has been rewarded and recognized by many renowned institutions and academies in India and other countries for his amazing contribution towards the Electronic goods field.

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