" yeah.. continue "

" so.." she pointed at her belly then made a baby figure with her hands, and everything hit me like a truck .

" no-no way " I freaked out making everyone in the room jump up from their sleep .

" WHAT IN THE NAME OF G-" blue shouted but didn't get to finish as Zoey slapped the back of her neck .

" stop shouting !"

" yes ma'am "

Then Ezra all of a sudden came in a hurry knocking the door on the ground and behind him was Louise and Bryce .

" what is going on " said Bryce then followed by Louise saying " why are you guys shouting "

" I'm hungry " whispered Lina and I grabbed Ezras arms and carried Lina with me to his car .
" where are we going? " they both asked at the same time .

" well Lina you said you were hungry, so now we are going to go pick up some Food from Mac but first I want to stop by some place first. Now give me your keys "

" what? Why I want to drive " Ezra protested.

" oh no no no you are not coming with us " I giggled

" Yea you are not coming with us Ezzie" Lina said with a stern voice.
I stuck my hand out so that he would give me the car keys and looked into his eye who were now filled with worry.

" don't worry we'll be fine, just half an hour " I said putting my hands on his cheek then kissed him .

" yukk " Lina said disgusted.

We'll see how she ends up when she grows up ....

I took the keys from Ezra and made my way to his car .

Five minutes later I parked the car near one of the pharmacies that I used to visit to bring Linas medicine when she was sick

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Five minutes later I parked the car near one of the pharmacies that I used to visit to bring Linas medicine when she was sick.

" why are we here rosie ?" She asked

" okay so Lina I want to buy something that will confirm something. Okay?" Why did I even ask I was going to buy it anyway.

" what is this thing "

" you'll see" I said as I got out of the car grabbing her with me .
As I entered the pharmacist smiled at the sight if the both of us .

" oh my I missed you two so much " the old woman said then she looked sad .
" I'm sorry for you loss" she said .

" thank you" I replied to her.

" so what brings you both here ?"

" well Rosalie want to buy something that confirms something which I don't know what it is " Lina began .

" thank you Linaa!" I said to her then turned my attention back to the old pharmacist.

" um I- I want that thing what do you call it pregnancy tester blahh" I whispered in an awkward voice .

" oohhh my my dear are you-"

" I don't know really" I cut her off .

" rosie do you have a baby in you belly? " Lina asked

" possibly "

I ended up getting almost every brand of pregnancy test, and now where on our way home with two huge bags of Mac Burgers .
I entered with the bags and Lina with her kids meal in her hand and the first one to meet us was Ezra with a panicked expression.
" you were late for half an hour !! " he said .

"Ooh thats becau-" Lina began but I stopped her by putting my hand on her mouth which caused the other bags to fall but thankfully the pregnancy tests were hidden inside my hoodie .

Hahaha I'm soo cleaver sometimes

" that's because what?" Ezra asked suspiciously

" uh- because "

" because she went to take Lina to the toy store she wanted to check if some game was out yet, so well Lina did you find it " Becca said from behind saving my ass as always .

" no no I didn't " Lina said softly now realising that she was not to talk about this now .

" so this is the food everybody " I said then turned to Becca and grabbed her arm and dragged her up stairs.

20 minutes later

Ok ok ok ok ok . O M G
My head was blank. Everything was blank .
Two red lines .
There is five tests and all of them had two fucking red lines .

" Oh my god Rosalie for fuck sake whats taking you so long " Becca said from outside the bathroom, and I walked out holding all of them in shock.

" what?" Becca asked

" umm I did all of them"

" and.."


" oh dear god " she said impatiently and pulled one of them out of my hands .

" oh my GOD " Becca squealed .

" I'm pregnant "

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