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Hearing his voice made my heart jump, abs immediately I panicked not knowing what to do .
"EZRA!!!" I screamed making my way out if the basement , to she all of Elys guards staring at me and one of them came my way but I punched him on the face sending him straight to darkness and when I started making my second move someone grabbed me hard by my hair pulling me back .

" ugghhhh, let go of me you asshole. Your boss is dead!!" I shouted kicking my feet on the ground, but then I heard another gunshot and the hand on my hair went loose and the guy feel .
I turned around to see him, my love. My life . Standing right in front of me.

( what he's wearing 👆🏼)

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( what he's wearing 👆🏼)

Tears started coming down from my eyes and everything became blurry as I ran straight to him arm, warping mine around his waist and allowing myself to take in his sent, the sent that always kept me together.
" Dad-"

" I know baby, I know " He whispered stroking my hair.

" you came "

" always "

And with that I felt a sudden need to vomit, so I pulled away and looked foe a trash or anything I could find but I found none and I couldn't keep it in longer and it all went on the ground .
Ezra came to me and comforted me with his hands making circles in my back .
" ugggh Ezra I can't.."

" you can't what ? " he asked

" I can't pull myself up"

That's all I said when his hand warped there self around me and I fell .

Five days later

When I opened my eyes I was back in my room, Blue and Lina were laying on my left and Becca and Zoey were on my right and they were in deep sleep, so I got up as quite as I could and went down to my living room to see that Ezra was laying on the sofa with his hands warped around him like something was missing.
I went over to him and sat on the ground beside him and started to play with his hair and then remembered how dad used to play with mine, automatically my tears poured hotbas ever .
" don't cry my Rose " Ezra whispered and held my hand and brought it to his mouth and kissed it.

"there together now " I whispered as I laid down beside him pulled his arms around me filling that space between.

" don't leave me " I said

" Never "
And then that feeling came again, I put my hand in my mouth and got of the sofa and started moving up to my room again.
" where are you going ?" Ezra asked and I waved him of .

I vomited for two minutes straight, non stop and when I got out I saw Becca was wide awake and looking at me with a knowing smile .

" what is wrong with you now ? " I said in a low voice .

" wasn't it supposed to be last week that you had to have your period"

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