chapter 10

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Guys read my new story

Combination of swaragini and ishqbaaz hope you guys like it do read vote and comment

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Combination of swaragini and ishqbaaz hope you guys like it do read vote and comment

The episode starts with anika and Rudra running away and Shiom finds rudra missing  then they came to know that mehatas brothers doing and anika and Rudra running away

Anika and Rudra reaches an unknown place takes a break anika was crying

Rudra:di please don't cry

Anika:no Rudra this is not the first time


Flashback story

Before 8 months we went to attend a party there one of brothers business partner son try to misbehave with me one of the person there helped me my brother misunderstood him and killed him when I explained them they killed that person also they said still I get married they won't allow any one to touch me so runaway from there

Flashback ends

Rudra pov

What will they do with my shivaay bhai if they come to know how he behaved with anika di

Pov ends

Rudra:now where we are going

Anika:to the place where I go whenever I runaway

Rudra gave question able look

Scene shift to mehata mansion

Pragya:why you people are behaving like this for this reason for the same reason she runaway last time you people are doing the same

Abhi:just shut up pragya  I am already tensed don't make me tensed me more

Pragya gave angry look and left the place

Scene shift to oberio mansion

The Oberios were schoked with mehatas brothers behavior and also worried about anika and Rudra.

Sorry guys for the short update I promise nxt update will be long.

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