I Forgot Something

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"Be careful." I said for the fiftieth time that morning.

"I'll be fine." Bellamy tells me for the fiftieth time that morning as well.

"Who's going with today?" I ask as I tie my boot up.

"Miller, Murphy, Monty, Jasper..." He paused for a beat looking at his knife that had something carved in the handle. I moved next to him and he put it in his pocket. "And Finn."

"Oh god." I groan. "Don't kill him."

"When was the last time he tried to flirt with you?" Bellamy asked jaw clenched.

"Does it-?" I started and he faced me for the first time since our fight last night.

"Yes." His eyes were fierce but loving like every morning after a fight.

"3 days ago." I whispered.

"He'll live for today." Bellamy said tersely and walked out the tent. His hand had brushed my fingers to let me know he would truly be fine.

I follow knowing I'd have to talk to Monty and Jasper for sure. "Monty! Jasper!" I yell and find them talking by the main fire. "Here's the first aid kit. Anything bigger than a knife or more poisonous then the blade that was in Finn, I have to handle that. Don't move it, okay?"

"We know, Clarke." They say in unison and do this cute hand shake thing.

I laugh and turn to check on Murphy's condition. I turn right into Finn's chest. "Oh, sorry." His hands had gone to my hips to steady me. "You okay?"

"I'm just fine, Princess." My nickname sounded weird coming from anyone's mouth but Bellamy's and it sounded wrong coming from Finn.

"Don't call me that, Spacewalker." I said angrily and shoved past him to check Murphy's condition.

"Damn, Pri- Clarke. Could you put more venom in that tone?" Murphy said correcting himself in the middle quickly.

"Tilt your head." I check his eye carefully. "You're healing fairly well. That's going to be one hell of a scar."

"Thanks, Doc." He said walking away to get something.

I walk up to Miller. "Don't let him," I point at Bellamy "do anything stupid."

"Of course, Clarke." Miller walked off patting my shoulder.

I started talking to Octavia and a couple of the other girls. I sighed when I heard the fence door close. Bellamy didn't say one thing besides the usual. Octavia pats my shoulder and then she grins at something behind me. I turn around confused to meet Bellamy right in front of me. Before I said anything, he spoke. "I forgot something."

"And what's that?" I ask aware of the closeness.

He doesn't use words. He places a hand on either one of my cheeks. He placed his lips hard against my own. I sigh with relief and happiness into the kiss. I was still taken back by this kiss. He was so angry yesterday. I was so angry yesterday. My fingers have started playing with the hair at the nape of his neck. When he pulls away he smiles. I detangle my fingers and arms from around him. His forehead leans against mine. "I'm sorry. I love you, Princess." He says and it doesn't sound wrong from his lips. "That's what I forgot." Bellamy kissed my cheek and then he leaves.

"I love you too." I muse to myself. The blush on my cheeks evidence of my need for him. "Be careful." I whisper.

That night, I toss and turn knowing that Bellamy isn't back yet. I don't sleep easily without him. I felt the bed sink on the other side. I smiled when he laid down close to me. I felt his eyes tracing my skin and body. He counted each scar to make sure nothing happened to his princess. When I heard his sigh of relief after he finished counting, I turned without opening my eyes and snuggled up against his body. His silent groan meant he did something stupid. I ignored it for now. His arms came around my body softly. "Did you forget about me?" I ask teasingly.

"Never again." He answered. I pecked his lips softly. "I love you, Princess."

"I love you too, Bellamy." My head laid against his chest. I counted his heartbeat as it slowed to a peaceful rest.

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