Love On The Telephone

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"I realized I was thinking of you, and I began to wonder how long you'd been on my mind. Then it occurred to me: since I met you, you've never left."

Running my fingers over the phone numbers written in my new copy of Romeo and Juliet, I recall the boy from the bookstore's last words to me.

"30% off for cute boys with good taste in books!" A smile worms its way through my calm demeanor, and Jungkook immediately pounces.

"What's up Hoseok??" He asks excitedly, for the fifth time in twenty minutes. I shake my head, laughing at his excitement. It's times like these when I remember he is the youngest in the gang, despite being tough as nails.

"Nothing, Kookie, nothing." He pouts and crosses his arms.

"Error! Non-sufficient answer! Please provide more information." He says in a confident tone, nodding as if to say 'that's that'. I groan and roll my head back, letting the book slip into my lap. "Is it the bookstore guy?" I don't say anything, and that seems to be his confirmation. "Please tell me what he looks like at least!!!" Flopping my head over, I shoot him a death glare, and he simply smiles sweetly in response.

"Fine." I moan, rubbing my eyes. He jumps up from his chair excitedly and comes to sit next to me, wildly drumming his fingers on his legs. "Like I said, we never discussed his name, but he has BRIGHT blue hair and he seems to wear a lot of pastels and light colors. He's really really cute, and I just..I don't know! He's adorable." His head tilts, and he pulls out his phone, fingers flying over the screen.

"Sorry..hang on." He mumbles, still tapping. I nod, confused until he holds up his phone to a picture of..mystery boy. "This him?" Nodding again, I feel my mouth open and close, trying to force sound out.

" did you..?" I trail off, still in shock.

"He's friends with Jimin and Taehyung, his name is Yoongi," He answers quickly, closing his phone. My face falls immediately, and he cocks an eyebrow, opening his phone again and sending the picture to me. "You know Jimin, my friend from modeling?"

"Mmhm," I answer absentmindedly, pulling out my own phone. I do know Jimin, I've met him few times, and he is very sweet. A bit of an outlier in our group, at least when it comes to sexuality, but we like him all the same. I click on the photo of Yoongi, hastily saving it to my camera roll. It's obviously a candid, he's laughing and his posture is open and inviting. He's wearing a Guns n' Roses shirt with acid washed jeans and a rainbow pin. "Wow," I mumble under my breath. He's adorable, honestly.

"So...are you going to text him?" Jungkook prods. I drop my phone on the table and pull my legs up into a crossed position, shaking my head. "Why the hell not? He's gay and he called you cute, go for it!"

"He's probably busy!" I retort, and he snorts.

"If I know Yoongi, and I do via Jimin and Taehyung, he's waiting next to his phone to see if you text him. Writing his number in your book is probably the most outgoing thing he's ever done." He counters. I give him puppy eyes and pop out my lower lip.

"Help me?" I beg, my voice a full octave higher than usual. He rolls his eyes and grabs my phone, opening it and going to the messages app, typing in the number.

"You already made a contact?" I nod, blushing and grabbing my phone back.

"What do I write?" He shrugs, wagging his finger in my face.

"Where's brave, tough, motorcycle gang Hoseok?" He coos teasingly. I bite at his finger playfully and he jumps back, laughing. "Sorry!! Maybe just say hi??" I settle back on the couch and think carefully.

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