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"Roman, honey it's time to go"

I let out a deep breath as I looked in the mirror checking myself again. This was my first day at a new school and I had to look decent. Somewhat anyways.

Hi, I'm Roman I'm 18 and yes I'm a girl, this is my senior year of highschool, my parents got a divorce last year so my mom wanted to move back to her home town, New Jersey. I wasn't excited about it at first but over time I figured a new start would be great.

I wouldn't say i was the most fashionable or talkative person, I definitely preferred to stick to myself and my books.

"Coming" I grabbed my glasses and slid them onto my face as I grabbed my bag and headed downstairs.

"Late on your first day, what a good way to impress" my mom teased as a small smile creeped on her face.

I rolled my eyes as I kissed her bye and grabbed the keys and heading to school.

My knuckles were turning white from how tight I was squeezing the steering wheel but it's something I always did when I felt nervous or mad. Sometimes the anger in me comes out and I can't control it.

I pulled up parking into an empty spot as I made my way to the huge double doors leading into the school. I already had my time table and locker number because I came last week to enroll.

Shoulders after shoulders kept banging into me as I got a couple of odd stares, I felt so out of place and I sadly missed my old school.

I didn't have friends at my old school, I actually didn't talk to anyone, no one liked me or they called me a nerd so I just stuck to myself. I thought moving would be a better option but now I feel like Im just humiliating myself all over again.

I finally made my way to my first class and I found and empty seat and took it, the class started to fill up and I began to feel more and more nervous.

"Hey you okay"

I turned my head meeting eyes with a Brown headed boy. He was nicer looking than most guys, and he had beautiful brown eyes.

He nodded towards my hands and I winced as I realized I was digging my nails into the wooden desk.

I couldn't help the sudden rage I get and sometimes I don't even recognize it. I use to not be like this, but its like any movement or sound makes me nervous and I can hear it like it's directly in my ear and it causes me to do things like digging my nails, or squeezing things.

"Oh yeah, I'm -I'm just nervous that's all"

I pushed my glasses back up to my face as I tried to avoid eye contact.

"Oh first day as a new kid? Don't worry it will get better, I'm Theo by the way"

He held his hand out for me to shake and I hesitated but eventually reached out to shake it.

This wierd feeling rushed through me and it's like I could hear his heart beating and I could feel the vibration through the tips of my fingers.


The class started and the teacher didn't make me introduce myself so that was a good sign. No one seemed to really notice me and I felt okay with that, but somehow I Still felt so safe and protected here.

Maybe New Jersey won't be as bad after all.

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