Land mines

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My parents decided to just leave Max and I money for pizza. It's a smart decision really, I can't cooking anything to save my life.

I once tried to make pancakes for breakfast, and ended up catching a hand towel on fire. Still not sure how that happened, but ever since then, I haven't been allowed to cook without supervison.

Max had decided that we would start with Mario Kart. Mostly because it's a game of chance and not skill, so he stands a chance to win. It also helps that he's the only person that I am not competitive with.


Once he reaches sixteen, he is going to be in for one hell of a surprise. Hopefully, he will be ready for a side of me he has never seen.

The sound of the doorbell causes him to jump and his Lugi character swerves into a banana peel. He pouts when I pause it. My laughter following me to the front door to pay for the pizza.

My jaw drops as the door swings open. Expecting pizza, I was surprised to see Levi holding a six pack of Pepsi.

I didn't want to get my hopes up to high that he would come, but a part of me is really happy he is here.

What really surprised me though, is that he was wearing a band shirt.

Why does the sight leave a feeling of disappointment?

"Hey man," his voice pulls me out of my staring at his shirt.

Staring out of shock and nothing else.

"Hey, come in. I was just winning Mario Kart." I close the door and lead him into the living room.

"Why did you invite the pizza guy in?" Max says looking at Levi in confusion before his eyes widen.

"Wait - where's the pizza?!"

Levi laughs, the sound echoing off the walls and making the room seem warmer than it was, before extending his hand to greet Max.

"I'm Levi. Lucy's brother." Max takes his hand carefully, but looks at me with even more confusion.

He must not remember Lucy and he doesn't know that she and I are somewhat dating. 

I don't even know how to even explain the situation to him. My mom may have taken the tiny sliver of information and ran with it, but Max won't understand.

"Dad's bosses son." I say, filling in the gap. 

I watch as Max nods his head but I can still see the small amount of confusion in his eyes. He is probably just wondering why Levi is here.

That is another thing I don't want to get into, because even I don't really know the answer to it.

I could say we had fun this afternoon. Or maybe go with the I'm trying to get to know my girlfriends brother  excuse.

He is just easy going and I can be myself around him. To an extent, I know, but still everything just feels like excuses.

"Here," Max hand Levi the controller in his hand with a sly smile, "Brandon was loosing anyway, so you can take his turn."

He dives for my controller that I left on the couch, giving us wide innocent eyes.

Time seems to fly when Levi is around. I didn't even realize it was almost ten, until Max yawned three times in a few minutes.

"Alright Max, time for bed." I stand and stretch, taking the controller out of his tired hands. 

"Really? In front of our guest? Can't I stay up a little longer?" he tries his puppy eyes at me, but I have long been immune to them.

He groans in over-exaggeration, flopping onto the couch like a fish out of water.

I can tell the Levi is trying not to react to Max's antics. He sucks his bottom lip into his mouth and bites down it, shaking with silent laughter.

I shake my head quickly, brushing past the fact that the sight sent my heart into a flutter and a tingle to my spine.

"Don't worry little man," Levi clears his throat quickly, extending his hand out to Max, "Maybe I'll come hang out another day with you."

A soft smile crosses my face as Max takes Levi hand in a bro-shake.

It's a lot of slapping their hands together, followed by a fist bump explosion. When did they have time to think of something so complex?

It's cute how fast they became friends. I wonder if it is just how easy going Levi is or if Max is young and just wants to seem cool.

His feet drag up the stairs and the minute we hear the door close, Levi and I start laughing. I collapse onto the couch next to Levi, clutching my stomach as I laugh.

"Seems you have a little fan club starting," I gasp out, not really believing that Max had reacted that way.

Usually he is more subdued and for lack of a better word, submissive. When he is told to do something, he does it. Something about Levi makes Max want to defy me. I can't say that I blame him, there is something about Levi in general. Something that I can't put my finger on.

Levi shoots me a smug look, pretending to brush off invisible dirt from his shoulder.

"What can I say? Kids love me," his smile widens, showing the dimple on his cheek.

He looks so relaxed and carefree, I can't help but be envious of him. Even in this moment, I am being careful with what I say and how I act. It's like walking through a never ending land mine. One wrong step and my world could explode into little, unrecognizable pieces.

"Are you ready for me to whip your ass?" his words snap me out of my thoughts and I stare at him with wide eyes.

Why the hell did my heart stutter at that?!

A laugh leaves my lips and if Levi picked up on the nervousness behind it, he didn't say anything about it. Instead he smirks and tosses me the controller.

Once again I'm left pretending that everything is fine. That my girlfriends brother didn't just send a swarm of crazy butterflies to my stomach.

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Shorter chapter than normal, I know.

Question: what donyou think about Colton Haynes being Levi?

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