A-team fan 1982 fic: Dangerous Times

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"You'll never get away with this Smith!" Col. Decker shouted over the bullhorn.

"I love it when he says that," Hannibal Smith remarked, with a cocky and possibly half crazed grin.

"You have a plan or something Colonel?" Faceman questioned uneasily.

The grey-haired Colonel only chuckled in return as he toothily chewed a fat cigar. 

The muscular African American standing opposite the seemingly calm Colonel huffed and growled, "ahhhh man! He is on the jazz again!"

"Smith! This is your last chance. Come out with your hands up and surrender," snarled the unamused Colonel and head of the Military police.  

"Well this is the part where he say's "you have two minutes to surrender," Faceman humorously remarked.

 And sure enough, as if on cue Decker barked, "you have a minute and a half to surrender or my soldiers and I are going to storm the place!" 

Murdock eyed the other members of the group with a look, that can only be described as a cross between pity and alarm. His gaze came to rest on the suave conman beside him. 

"Well.... uh... he's learning. I'll give him that much," Faceman remarked with a frown.

"What do we do now?" Amy breathed fearfully, looking at the team with doleful eyes.

"We wait," Hannibal nonchalantly answered, forcing his grin to widen for a moment. 

"WE WHAT? HANNIBAL!" Amy gasped. 

She swallowed harshly, pressing her head to the wall of the building.

 "I'm just a newspaper reporter. I never signed up for this," the brunette grumbled under her breath. 

The team started moving like mice around her, they were up to something, but what?

Could they possibly get out of Decker's tight barricade? It didn't seem likely, but she knew that the team wouldn't go down without a fight; perhaps, that is what drew her to the four soldiers of fortune in the first-place.

(possibly to be continued)  

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