Chapter 6

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It was a peaceful morning and Zero was having a good dream until

Zero groans as he slams on his alarm clock and check the time to see its 8;08am

"I hate mornings!"
Zero yells out as he tries to get up but lands on the floor face first

"I hate my life"
Zero mumbles as he gets up and goes to the bathroom with some clothes

(5 minuets later)

Zero walks out of the bathroom in his regular outfit
"Man why do I even have a alarm clock"

(Flash back)

Young Zero was sleeping peacefully until his mother breaks through the door

"Wake up Zero it's time for some training "
His mother said

Zero mumbles and looks at the time
"But it's 4:00 please 5 more minuets "
Zero said as he tries to get to sleep

His mother smiles and pulls young Zero out of his bed
"No please "
Zero said as he looks at her and she smiles

(Flash back end)

"Oh yeah she kept on dragging me out of bed"
Zero said as he puts on his mask or what's left of it

"Looks like I need a new mask"
Zero said as he walks out of his dorm and locks it

"Let's see who do I Have"
Zero said as he checks his schedule

"Professor Port he doesn't seem bad"
Zero said as he walks to Ports class

As Zero was walking to class Velvet walk up to him
"Hi Zero "
Velvet said as she looks at him and smiles

Zero looks at her and smiles back
"Why hello Velvet how's your morning been"
Zero asked

"It's been great how about yours Zero "
Velvet said as she walks next to him
"It's alright to say the least"
Zero said

Velvet nods
"Well I hope you have a good day"
Velvet said as Zero looks at her and smiles a little
"Yeah same goes to you to well see you later"
Zero said as he heads to his class

Velvet smiles happily
"Bye Zero"
She said as she heads off to her class

"Maybe it won't be so bad today "
Zero thought as he reaches his classroom and heads inside

(1 hour later)
"This is Hell he just keeps talking about himself when he was young!"
Zero thought as he looks around and sees most of the students were ether playing on there scrolls or trying to figure out what the hell Mr. Port is trying to say, Adam signs as he as he pulls out his scroll and uses it to check on his armor's data

"Okay so I only put 10% into my long range cannon anymore and it will meltdown and if I put more particles into the wings I can increase my speed by 20%"
Zero thought as he continues to check his armor info

(3rd person)

Team Rwby we're listening to professor port

"Why does he keep talking about his past?"
Ruby asked as she looks at her team to see yang sleeping, Blake reading her book as always, and Weiss who's actually taking notes to his stories..Ruby signs as she looks at where Zero is and noticing that he's doing something

"What's zero doing?"
Ruby thought as she looks at him, the bell rings ,and some people ran the f*ck out of there like their life depends on it

"Hey guys are we still going to investigate the white fang and Roman"
Ruby whispers to the others as they leave the classroom

"Of course ruby we have to know what their up to"
Blake said as they head out of Ports class

(Zero pov)
"Finally I'm out of that place okay what's next"
Zero thought as he checks his schedule
"Okay so next is professor oobleck"
Zero said to himself as he goes to his next class

(Time skip)

Zero was now heading to the cafeteria
"Man I couldn't even understand him and what does he put in his coffee?"
Zero said to himself as he walks into the cafeteria and goes gets his lunch which was a salad,grilled fish with lemon and a glass of water

Zero walks over to a table but stops when he hears something

"Cardin please stop?!"

Zero knew that voice belonged to velvet and he quickly goes to where she is at...once he got there he sees Cardin and his goons pulling her ears again

"This guy never learns"
Zero thought as he puts his food down and taps Cardin's shoulder

Cardin turns around
Before Cardin could finish that word Zero punches him in the face than he gives him a right uppercut

"I told you leave her alone Cardin"
Zero said as he grabs Cardin and throws him out a window

Zero looks at Cardin's goons to find them leaving with their tails between their legs

Zero said as he goes sits next to Velvet
"Hey you okay velvet?"
Zero asked as he looks at her

Velvet nods
"Yeah but my ears hurt badly"
Velvet said as she looks down

"Do you want me to rub them for you?"
Zero asked

Velvet looks at him and nods..Zero gently rubs her ears and she blushes, and smiles gently

Zero smiles gently as he continues

(2 minuets later)

Zero stops rubbing her ears and they start to eat peacefully

"Hey Zero What class do you have?"
Velvet asked

"Miss.GoodWitch's class"
Zero said as he eats his fish

Velvet smiles gently
"Really I have that class next to"
Velvet said

Zero smiles
"So you want to head there when lunch ends"
Zero asked

Velvet smiles and nods

Zero smiles than looks around them
"Hey velvet I forgot to ask where your team?"
Zero asked

"Well they're doing their own things I guess"
Velvet said as the bell rings meaning that lunch is over

"Okay let's head to class"
Zero said as he takes his and Velvet's and throws their trash away

Velvet nods as they both head to Miss.goodwitch's class

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