Mark her

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*Warning there is some switching between the characters in this chapter*


After eros walked out of the room guilt washed over me to cause a nasty feeling in the bottom of my stomach, rethinking on the decision I made. I could not take it back because it was already too late and it's for the best.

A knock on the door interrupted my thoughts but caused the nasty feeling to increase as Elizabeth walked in the door. The risk that I am taking to get this mark off is a life or death situation.

¨Hey, how are you doing¨. Elizabeth asked as she stepped fully into the room.

The question wasn't hard to answer at all but it seems like my words are stuck so I just gave her a weakly nod. liz look at me with pity as she knew the decision I have made was a hard one but necessary.

¨Well, I will just go get your mother and your friends so we can get this over with and behind us yeah?¨.

I gave her a slow nod as I just wanted to be left in my thoughts.

After minutes alone with just my thoughts and body pain, I heard a soothing voice that I've been wanting to hear for a long time now.

¨My baby¨. My mom said as she rushed through the door and was by my side in a flash. I saw the hestaion in her eyes as she raised her hand but quickly put it back down as she realized she could not touch me. 

¨Hi mom, I have missed you¨. I said looking at the women standing by me who is my mom but does not look like her.

¨Not as much as I have missed you¨.

My mom that I remember always had flushed pink cheeks from smiling all the time, and there were no bags under her eyes from the lack of sleep and most of all there was not this energy of fear and stress radiating off of her.

The door was now open again as all my friends stood there waiting for me and mom moment to be over.

Mom looked in the same direction I was looking and nodded at them to come over.

I could tell what everyone is thinking, their emotions are on their faces all of them have this pitying look and it's annoying to see. As I am looking at the familiar faces I can't seem to find jasmine and I can not lie, it hurt to not see her here. Jonas face popped up and he had a knowing look telling me he knew the reason behind jasmine absence.

Hazel is the first to step forward with Greyson right behind her of course.

She gave me a big smile like the bubbly girl she is. "Oh gosh Athena, you have no idea how much I missed you".

I gave the biggest smile I could give.

"I think I do, your one of my best of friends I missed you and your cheerful personality". I said and caused her to let out a small laugh.

"where is Jasmine?". I couldn't help but ask.

Suddenly the room was now silent like everyone knew the reason why she was not here. I just can not seem so understand why, she is my best friend and I need her to be here. Did I do something wrong? Is she mad at me for something ?.

My thoughts and assumstions were gone when elizabeth came into the room with gausze in her hand ready. She looked at everyone around me and looked back at me giving me the signal to tell them.

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