(Fairy Tail) Mirajane Strauss x Tomboyish! Reader Part 2

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This chapter was requested by a lot of you so I hope you like it! ⚠️ In this chapter there will be a character who is putting you down. Please, if you do not think you can handle it skip this chapter.

*Time Skip to next day*

*Your P.O.V.*

          Last night's events flashed through my head as I remembered the kiss. My fingers grazed over my lips hoping to relive the softness of her lips. I ran away, but why? Oh, yes, now I remember. Not even a hour after attacking her guild I kissed her. How wrong is that?! 

          "She probably hates me know,"'I didn't realize that my words had actually come out, so I stayed in silence.

          That is until I heard a voice,"Oh, not probably. She definitely hates you. You are nothing, but a worthless monster. You attacked her home, you attacked her family, you attacked her and you had the nerve to kiss her? Disgusting". I scanned the area around me hoping to pinpoint the source of the voice, but was unsuccessful. My muscles tightened as the voice continued,"You don't belong in a stupid guild like Fairy Tail. So, let me make you an offer. If you join me I'll make sure you get you revenge on anyone who does you wrong and I will make you the most powerful wizard of them all". 

          I had to admit that did sound nice, but I knew it wasn't right, so I replied,"Thank you for the offer, but I'm going to decline. The Fairy Tail guild offered me a spot in their guild. I attacked them once and not only did I lose, but also I have a home now. Somewhere I can actually be happy. I'm not going to lose that now".

          Whatever it was hissed in response,"You foolish monster. I'll make sure you get exactly what you asked for. You'll pay for choosing those fairy scums". After that final word the eerie feeling left along with whoever was speaking. I let out the breath that I didn't even know I was holding in.

          "Well, I guess I should head to Fairy Tail and get prepared for the hell that waits for when I see Mira," I spoke to myself. I pushed myself up off the ground and started on my way towards Fairy Tail.

*Time Skip*

*Mira's P.O.V.*

          "..ra... ira... Mira~!," my head snapped up as I heard someone call out to me.

          I looked up to see Lucy sitting in a chair infront of the bar, talking to me,"Oh! Hello, Lucy". I acted as if nothing had happened, but she had already caught me.

          "I've been talking to you for the past five minutes! Were you even listening to me?"  I shook my head now. Now I feel bad for not listening to her. She continued and this time I listened,"Well, good thing it wasn't important. What's wrong? You don't seem like yourself today".

          I mentally hit myself for being so easily read,"I'm sorry, Lucy. Something happened last night and-".

          She quickly cut me off,"What did that (Y/n) do?! Did she hurt you? Are you ok?"

          I laughed at how much she was worrying,"She didn't hurt me, I'm fine, and 'that (Y/n)' kissed me".

          "She kissed you?!!," she screeched. Thankfully, the guild was loud enough that no one could hear her. I calmed her down and she continued,"Why did she kiss you? What happened after she kissed you?"

          I held my hand up, to stop her, so I didn't have as many questions to answer,"Yes, she kissed me. I don't know why she did it, yet, but I'm assuming she likes me. After she kissed me she ran off. I tried going after her, but she was long gone". I explained, but my attention soon faded as the guild door opened. Lucy seemed to notice, as well, and looked towards the door. Everyone started mumbling to themselves as (Y/n) walked in closing the door behind her. She looked around until she spotted something near the bar, that wasn't me, and started walking closer. 

           Lucy leaned across the bar to whisper,"Here's your chance to find out if she likes you". Just as she leaned back, (Y/n) finally got to the bar. I realized that she was talking to Master Makarov. I waited for them to finish talking, but as they finished Master asked if I would take (Y/n) upstairs in order to give her, her Fairy Tail guild mark. I complied and took her to a private room upstairs.

          "Where would you like your guild mark?" The air was thick and silent as I awkwardly asked her. 

          She refused to look at me as she replied,"(insert where you want your mark)," then she she was done talking. After I finished putting on her guild mark she got up and was about to leave. I quickly grabbed ahold of her hand to stop her. We needed to talk.

          She still refused to look at me, but I persisted anyways,"Last night. Why did you kiss me? Why did you run away? And why won't you talk to me now? You won't even look at me!"

          She yanked her hand away from mine, but she didn't leave,"I kissed you because I didn't know what else to do. You were so passionate about your guild, I looked up to you. Then, I went and attacked it. I waited for so long hoping you would notice me. I worked day after day in order to get strong so I could impress you. I kissed you because.. I'm in love with you and I'm not good enough with words to express that feelin, so I kissed you. I didn't talk to you because I thought you would hate me. That's also why I refuse to look at you". 

          Her words took me off guard to the point where I didn't even know what to do. There is only one thing that I can think of to do, but it was risky. I grabbed her hand again, spun her around and planted a soft, but passionate kiss on her lips. My eyes were closed and I was focused on the kiss, but I could tell that she was shocked. It made me happy as I felt her kiss me back.

          We finally pulled away for air,"(Y/n), will you be my girlfriend?"

          She smiled her first real smile,"Yes! I would love to be your girlfriend!"

          We were about to kiss again when the door flew open and Natsu, Lucy, Elfman, and Lisanna were on the other side. (Y/n) kissed me regardless as they all awed.

Hope you liked it!

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