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Kiss From a Stranger....The Night Before my Wedding!!!

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Hi awesome people who will read this! I just wanted to say really quick this is my first story on wattpad so be nice! I also must say there might be a few grammar and spelling errors, but i believe i am the writer my job is too write, and an editor does all the other stuff to make the story shine. I don't have an editor, but i hope you awesome ones can look past that and read my story and with that lets give this story thingy a shot!

ps. please comment i would like to know is you all think my story is crap or not! :)

Chapter One:

I sat there in utter shock. My mind was realing and pulling in uncomfortable rythms to find a logical reasponse to what had just happened. My body didn't find one, so i did the natural thing. I froze. I just sat there on my bed and felt my tingleing lips, heard the normal loud hum of my air conditionar, and the very soft noise of someone watching tv downstairs. I felt my soft comforter under me, but i knew with all i had that what had just happened was just....not right. I forced myself to unlock my muscles, made myself move to stair at the now fully oppened window. Then, with that my world went dark, as in, pitch black and i was asleep.

I dreampt of what had happened mear seconds before my fainting. My breathing was normal and i was in that wierd state of half asleep half dreaming, so i knew what was happening around me and i was fully in my dream at the same time. When a slamming sound caught my attention out of my dream state (and yes i do find it wierd to dream of being half awake). i had instantly been wide awke and full of rage, no one wakes me up. I looked to my door expecting one of my stupid brothers were trying to pull a prank on me, idiots. But, when i looked to my door no one was there, no light was on underneath the door. It wasnt till a small breeze rolled in through my window that i looked, that i looked at...him.

He was just standing there leaning on my window frame, like it was the most natural thing in the world. I looked at the intruder in my room and i didnt scream like i should have, i didnt run away and out of my room. No, being the idiot i am i walked toward him. Oh, and before you go thinking 'ohhhh, he must be a vampire forcing you to do his will OMG!' its not like that, at all. I knew because when i got out of my bed, when i took the few steps to my window, and when i oppened my mouth to speak that was me doing it, that was my mind makeing the idiot decision. But i did all that BEFORE i saw him, i mean REALLY saw him and then, it could have been a spell, and he could hav been a vamp, because i knew then and there no one human could look that beautiful. He had that kind of face that people could trust with there lives, like you could look at him and know him all of two seconds and know you could do anything infront of him, he wouldnt hold it against you. He had soft blonde, chin length hair, and eyes i didnt have a name for, the color was like hazel but, instead of the green and gold mix it was red and purple, red in the very middle then, slowly faded out to purple. He had a boyish charm with chubby cheeks and a rounded jaw line. He didn't have the pasty white type of skin it was somewhere inbetween pail and golden.

But, i didnt really figure that part till later, what i couldnt wrap my head around was the eyes i kept rudely staring into them, maybe he took that as a good sign, because without warning he had his arms around my torso and was crushing me to his chest. His callused hands roughly grabed my chin, and pulled it up to his baby pink, soft lips.

"AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" i screamed bloody murder,someone had just tackled me awake and was yelling into my ear

"WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WAKE UP! WWWWAAAAAAKKKKKKKKEEEEEE UUUUUUUPPPPPP!!!" I moaned and thats when i realised, it was time, i had to go forth, as Rasma Seagal and become, one of them, something alien. Today it was my 16th birthday and, i had to become a bride.

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