Chakrapani Family

Vaidehi Chakrapani / Sita  : A 24-year-old heiress of a big business empire. Belongs to a royal family. Benevolent and warm-hearted to innocent people and a complete savage to enemies. Loves parents and siblings unconditionally. Exiled and forced to live as commoner for six months under the name Sita.

Vivek Chakrapani : Vaidehi's father. Chairperson of a multinational company. Famous all over the world not only because of his wealth but also for his wisdom and good-nature. He is the voice of reason in his family. 

Asha Chakrapani : Vaidehi's mother. Physics professor in a reputed University. A good mother. Always fiercely protective of her children.

Siddharth Chakrapani : A 24-year-old cousin of Vaidehi. Lives with Vivek and Asha after his parents' death. He is intelligent and funny. Extremely loyal to Vaidehi. Always puts her interests above his own.

Aadya Chakrapani : An impulsive 18-year-old sister of Vaidehi. Her sister is her role model. Good at academics but not a nerd. Fierce and unrestrained.

Yogesh Chakrapani: Vivek's cousin. Evil-minded and twisted. He hates Vivek and his family.

Mahesh Chakrapani: Yogesh's son. Older but not wiser than Vaidehi.

Suryagni family

Ananth Suryagni: A 27-year-old rich, handsome and intelligent businessman. Treats his close friends like family. Respected by everyone for his kindness and helping nature. Has a strained relationship with his father. Goes out of his way to help his aunt and uncle. Always tries to protect them. 

Lokesh Suryagni: Ananth's father. Addicted to drinking after his wife's death, he neglects Ananth, who hates him for that reason.

Jayant Suryagni: Lokesh's younger brother. He takes the responsibility of the business from Lokesh.

Madhu Suryagni: Jayant's wife and also sister of Ananth's late mother. She is a Member of Parliament. Takes Ananth's responsibility after his mother's death.

Uday Suryagni: Adopted son of Jayant and Madhu. Constantly tries to prove his worth to his mother.


Ganesh Varma: General Manager of Chakrapani business empire. Mentor of Vaidehi.

Shantipriya Varma: The only daughter of Ganesh. Vaidehi's best friend and most trusted adviser.

Kailash Shastri: Ananth's manager and most trusted adviser. A middle aged man, who loves Ananth like his own son.

Sanjay, Rohini and Gopal : Loyal members of Ananth's team.

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