Chapter 8: Deceived

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The day had finally arrived.
Today was the day that would mark the return of the Sith Empire. The Dark Council and Imperial Military has set out to carry out their missions and make the galaxy know of their return. And there he stood, in front of the Jedi Temple donning a black robe Darth Noòx looked at the entrance, waiting... All had been taken care of, Vader and Dagè-Rón had done their best to set the stage for today's battle. As many Jedi Masters as possible had been sent away, and they were able to make the Grand Master go on a Diplomatic mission. The 501st Legion which was commanded by Vader and the 212th Attack Battalion which was commanded by Dagè-Rón had defected to the Empire and had secretly weakened the defenses of Coruscant. And now Noòx's best agents and a small group of Mandalorians lead by Shae Vizla had entered the Jedi Temple and were taking care of the soldiers there. A large chunk of the Imperial Fleet were waiting in a nearby system and would soon jump into hyperspace to attack Coruscant, with the Doombringer at its head. Now all Noòx had to do was wait until he got word that the shuttle carrying 50 Sith had arrived. This excitement, the thrill, Noòx had feelings he hadn't felt in a long time. "Perhaps this is what Darth Malgus felt like so long ago?" he thought to himself. And there it was, the signal had just arrived and all Noòx could do was make a large smile appear behind his mask. He took a step forward, then the next, slowly approaching the Jedi Temple as the sound of his leather boots spread. He could not help but hear the words that Darth Malgus had written down about how he felt the day he attacked the Jedi Temple. "Our time has come. For 3000 years, we prepared, we grew stronger. While you rested in your cradle of power. Believing your people were safe and protected" Noòx thought as he approached the entrance. The two Jedi Guards immediately fell after their necks were snapped with a single motion. Noòx continued walking, slowly entering the Jedi temple as Padawan and Knights turned their heads, some igniting their lightsabers after sending Noòx's presence. "You were trusted to lead the Republic, but you were deceived" Noòx thought as a group of 5 Jedi Masters approaches him. Two of them were no longer Jedi, Vader and Dagè-Rón were hiding their Sith armor under their robes and their lightsabers in their sleeves, Noòx held their masks within his cloak. The other two he did not know, but the one at the head was the Leader of the Temple Guard, Cin Drallig. They stood in front of him, Cin Drallig looked under Noòx's cloak as a few other Jedi jumped down from the balcony and ignited their lightsabers. "As our powers of the Dark Side have blinded you" Noòx thought. By now Drallig and a few others had noticed, but it was too late. The shuttle carrying the Sith smashed through the large gate and as it was crashing it took down many of the pillars. Rubble spread everywhere, even a few Padawans were hurt or even squashed by it. Until finally it came to a halt just behind Noòx. "You assumed no Force could challenge you" said Noòx as the ship's hatch opened and Umbria's purple blade and Xalek's orange blade illuminated the inside. "And now..." Noòx said as dozens of other lightsabers, many red but some purple and orange, were ignited as well. "Finally... WE HAVE RETURNED" said Noòx. At that moment the attack began. Knights, Guards and Padawans rushed to fight against the Sith. Lord Xalek and Lord Umbra both led 25 Sith Warriors and Lords into battle. Currently the best fighter that was present in the Temple stood before Noòx. Three of the Jedi Masters ignited their blades, and so did Vader and Dagè-Rón, however their blades weren't blue. Instead a crimson red emerged from their hilts and they directed their attack to the two other Jedi Masters. Those two had good reflexes and managed to dodge the attack and distances themselves from the Sith. Vader and Dagè-Rón removed their Jedi Robes, revealing their Sith Battle Armor underneath. Noòx removed his own robe and threw their masks at them before grabbing a hold of his own lightsaber. The two Sith caught their masks and put them on, showing the Jedi their true nature, and attacked. By now Cin Drallig didn't believe his eyes, but he was a warrior and charged at Noòx. He ignited his own lightsaber, the violet blade clashed with the green blade as he blocked an overhead strike. And so the dance of life and death began. Drallig was attacking quickly, yet Noòx danced around elegantly. Every time their blades hit a flash of light, almost brown, appeared. And then Noòx felt it, the life of a Sith slipping away. This angered Noòx, and he immediately changed his stance from a defensive to an aggressive one. He charged, in quick succession he swung his blade against the Jedi who blocked the first one and blocking the others. Then an opening appeared, his blade was too far so instead he kicked the Jedi away. Their distance increased, and two Jedi tried to intervene. Noòx charged and at the same time threw his lightsaber at Drallig as he unleashed two bolts of Force Lightning upon the two other Jedi. Drallig tried to dodge the Lightsaber, but this left an opportunity which box used to blast him against the rubble. He caught his lightsaber and leapt through the air, ready to impale the Jedi. But as he landed Drallig was able to barely dodge it. Their dance continued, all around them many Jedi fell yet they continued. Again and again their blades hit each other. Then Drallig charged in with an overhand attack, Noòx blocked it and as their blades were clashing against one another Drallig stared intensely at Noòx. This was his fatal flaw. With his left hand Noòx had grabbed his ancestors lightsaber and ignited it, impaling the Jedi's abdomen. The face of Drallig changed quickly as he realized his failure. Noòx extinguished his lightsabers and looked towards the sky. As the Jedi fell to his knees, in his final moments he saw the Imperial Fleet arriving and the Doombringer starting the battle by destroying three Venator class Star Destroyers using the Silencer. "You were deceived, and now your Republic shall fall" Noòx said to the Jedi who then exhaled his last breath. Noòx's job at the temple was done, the Temple would soon be destroyed by bombardment and the Sith were about to retreat, by now tens, maybe even a hundred Jedi has already fallen. But his fight was over yet, and Noòx quickly rushed to his speeder and headed to the Senate building, where another enemy awaited.

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