Chapter:9 ~ Together Alone (Part I)

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Ariana's POV:

I have not slept from the last night after the party. I am tired. I was unable to sleep as he keeps knocking on my brain cells when I tried to close my eyes.

After the party, it was very difficult for me to decode his words which he quoted in the simplest way possible but difficult for my digestive juices to digest.

I remember him saying 'it's his choice to hurt me or kiss me.' Was he drunk? No. He was in his right mind. He looked at my lips as if he was going to kiss me in front of the whole crowd.

Its Monday today and 4:00 am in my alarm clock which is placed on the side table of my bed. I turned my body on one side keeping my head on my palm. I have to report at 7:00 am today in my office, to Xavier. I have a headache but I am unable to sleep.

When we came back from the party, Matt and Emily asked me, if Xavier said anything but I refused to say 'We just danced and he didn't speak a single word'.

I could see that Max was worried about me but he didn't ask anything. He is way too calm and mature to deal with my situation. He is not forcing me away but pushing me towards Xavier. All he did at the party was just to make Xavier jealous of him.

I turned to my other side and made myself sit on the bed. I decided not to get involved in something which will hurt this much but he made me enter his life again. He is making our lives entangled and crossed. Is that possible that he loves me? NO! It's a big myth which I can't make myself believe. I know he is married and he never loved me. He is doing this just to get pleasure by hurting me. He is enjoying seeing me helpless at this moment. But I can't let this happen. I will make my way through this time very soon. I will prove to him that his presence doesn't affect me.

Yesterday, Max finally said a few words to check if I need any help. He loves me but he is my best friend. I know these three people will help me even if I won't ask but I just can't let them involve with this. I need to be strong.

It can't be that difficult.

I get up off the bed and made my way to my wardrobe looking for the dress which will be comfortable and confident for me to wear. I looked at my wardrobe and noticed the difference from my cosy outfits to revealing ones. I found a simple one-piece dress which will be able to cover neck to my lower knees. I put it on the bed and made my way to the bathroom.

I noticed that it is 5:00 am in the clock and I will be late if I didn't increase my pace. I brushed my teeth and took a shower. I washed my hair and came out putting a towel around my body. I had another towel for my hair.

I saw the time which showed 5:35 am. I quickly removed my towel and put it on the bed. I changed into my clothes. I dried my hair and combed them to their lengths. I kept my hair open as they were still wet.

I walked out of my room and made my way to the newlywed's couple and knocked on their room just to signal them that I am leaving.

For the first time, the door opened so early. I was shocked to see Emily all active. She scanned me from top to bottom and made a funny face looking weirdly at me.

'What's this?', Emily asked.

'What?', I said as I looked down to myself.

'This is not going to work.', Emily widened her eyes pointing to me.

'Sorry, but I'm getting late and you are not talking straight. I think you need some more sleep.', I said and turned to move away when something stopped me by clutching to my arm. I turned to see Emily holding my arm.

'You can't wear that.', She exclaimed.

'And Why not?', I asked.

'Because it...looks something like boring and I don't want my baby to look so shabby in front of her new boss who is most probably not jealous of Max.', She stated.

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