My player 2 [Karma Akabane]

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Gamer! Karma x Reader

Based on my addiction for gaming lmao and a video I watched


"In the game of life, you're my player 2."


Karma had an addiction.

Not to drugs.

Not to drinking.

Not to you and if he did he would be a 'yandere'. You probably would value your life, unless you're some masochistic. 

"I'm here!" You yelled taking off your shoes as you entered your boyfriend's flat. The house was quite, walking to the living room you finally heard Karma speaking.

"It's RedAssassin here, reporting there are monsters heading over to our base."

You peaked through the door frame, watching as Karma gamed on the Xbox on the huge TV he had saved up to buy. Karma had an addiction with video games, often performing all nighters reguarly. It was very unhealthy for him.


The male not here you as he was gaming, you pulled off his head phones looking at him. The male turned around, annoyed until he saw you. His expression soften and he knew he was in big trouble.

"Well?" You grumbled, tapping your foot impatiently.

"Sorry, I have to go boys. Please do it without me, I'm kinda busy...." Karma spoke into the headphone mic and paused the game.

"I'm pretty sure I said that I didn't want to go shopping," The male sheepishly grinned.

"Really, is it that hard for me to ask you? A few hours with me? Together." 

"I mean... don't we spend tons of hours together? Why do we have to go shopping, we don't need anything do we?" Karma spoke back.

"It's not about shopping," you sighed, "It's about spending quality time together." Walking away, as you slammed the door. Karma looked back at the door and then to his TV, "What's up? I'm back let's get going."


(A day later)

"Y/N why does Karma look so dejected? Did something happen~" Maehara asked as he poked your cheek.

"He won't go on a date with me, I mean is it that hard?" You mumbled, fidgeting the hem of your skirt.

"Eh?! I'm going to punch him in the face." Maehara rolled his sleeves up. You held your hand up, "stop, it's not worth it..."

"If he shatters your heart I will-"

"Maehara, please don't I'll punch you in the face instead." You replied bluntly, not wanting to cause a huge trouble.

"Hey, sensei could you come out for a moment so we could kill you?" Your classmate, Sugino, yelled standing behind the window. "Sure, Sugino just a moment."

"Class, since I'm going with Sugino you're free to do whatever you want as long its within the mountain." Koro~sensei adjusted his tie before zooming out of the window, causing some students to fall.

"Let's go to the forest and activate our trap!" The idiot, Terasaka, yelled. The boys followed him while you stayed there pouting. Suddenly you felt a tap on your back, "Maehara I swear I'm going to kill-"


"Uh..." The male replied, his face was as red as his hair. "Please can your forgive me? I didn't mean to do that... Are you pikachu? Because you're shockingly beautiful." Blinking at the male as he told you a corny joke.

"I-If I was mario, you would be my only star~"

"Do you like Nintendo? Cause Wii would look good together."


"W-What?! I-I'm trying." The male bought out a bouquet of flowers, roses in fact they were blooming and it was beautiful. You forgave him but you wanted to watch him keep struggling. You pretended to look mad, turning your head away. 

"Y/N, I'm sorry I was a jerk and I'll be a jerk forever. I'll try my best to change my ways and I want to be the best boyfriend you could ever have."

You felt the corner of your lips tug up, smiling you turned around and giggle. Karma muttered some incoherent words. Ruffling his hair, you pulled him into a hug, "oof-."

Pushing him back with one both hands on the hide of his shoulder you looked at him, "I guess we could try again!" You sheepishly grinned feeling bad for being stubborn.

The class ended after Sugino's assassination attempted which resulted him being lectured. The day ended well and you felt happier than usual. Maehara was so confused, muttering the whole time. "Girls are scary, was Y/N on her period or something?"

You walked to Karma's flat, holding his hand. Arriving at his flat, the male sat on the couch handing you a controller.

Even though I like gaming

I still love you too

Grabbing it, Karma taught you how to play. By the end of the hour you were very good, Karma praised you as you got the tasks right and laughed as you stuffed up. 

Although I game

We can spend time together

The game ended with you and Karma dying, you grinned at him enjoying yourself. Maybe your relationship wasn't as perfect as your friends or dramatic as a celebrity. Relationships worked in many different ways, though Karma's addiction was annoying, you still loved him for than ever.

After all, you're in love aren't you?



"Karma is red. Nagisa is blue. Press start to join and be my player 2." 

I'm not perfect

I'm not amazing

Laughing as you playfully slapped him on the back. Yes, Karma was a jerk and an asshole but he was the best boyfriend. He was here for you when you needed help.

Please play with me

Be my player 2



"AWWWW OUR BASE FAILED!" You whined as the words 'Game over' spread across the TV.

Karma smirked, leaning in he whispered into your ear, "I would like to gain access to your base. Shall I enter from the front or the rear?"



Cute fluff? Idk tbh ehehehehe, anyways hope you enjoyed lol.

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