Chapter 1

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Hi, my loves!! This is the first chapter of our journey with Violet! 

I'm always open to criticism as I believe it will improve my writing, but please don't leave nasty comments. 

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I wake up to the heavy sound of rain and the thick slash of wind slapping against the closed windows that surround my room.

I'm awake but I feel far from it.

I can only imagine the dim, murky clouds, heavy with rain stumble across the sunless sky blocking out any view of the light blue sky that hides beneath.

My thoughts are cut off by the sound of Penny, my caretaker. Her light footsteps making their way towards my resting body. I haven't seen her, but she has the sweetest voice, just like a mother should. I can say she has cared for me more than my own parents, even though it's her job.

She told me I reminded her of her own daughter, Evangeline. She had light brown hair and rosy cheeks, apparently just like my own.

 I cried when she told me her daughter had passed away at the age of 17 when her young life was ripped away from her due to a car accident.

I guess this was the reason for her to love me just like her own. Although her story was sad it made me appreciate my own life, even though I'm stuck in this room I'm breathing, living on hope.

Penny has been with me since I was ten when the incident had occurred, I'm twenty years old now.

"Good morning Violet, how did you sleep?" Penny's soft voice questions me.

"Morning Penny, I slept well" I reply, even though I feel as if I'm sleeping right now.

"What would you like to eat this morning? Should I make your favourite?" Penny asks in her sweet motherly tone, I can only imagine the grin appearing on her face.

 I nodded, feeling a grin of my own spreading across my lips at the only act of rebellion I had taken part in which is basically eating a bunch of things that I wasn't supposed to. How pathetic. I know.

"Okay, I'll be right back with your breakfast." She says as I hear her make her way out of my room and towards the kitchen.

Just as she leaves the smile that I had tried to keep on my lips slowly slips of my face and instead a forlorn look takes its place. I feel weak, useless as I have been told.

Instantly, I hear the growl of my wolf in my head. I can almost feel her shaking her head in disappointment, shouting at me for my depressive mood.

Penny strolls towards me, I can feel her calming energy spreading into my pores, relaxing the wild wolf within me.

After Penny had so kindly given me my breakfast and I had demolished the sweet-tasting food that consisted of a whole stack of pancakes drenched in maple syrup Penny asks me if I wanted to walk around the pack.

 We are a part of the South Pack that had almost five hundred members, which lived in the packhouse or scattered around houses that circled our territory.

As much as I can remember from my childhood, the pack house was so enormous. It had looked bigger than a mansion followed by the Alphas house being the grandest house. He and his Luna had two kids, the firstborn and second-born both being boys.

Alexander was the Alpha's oldest son and my brother's best friend. He treats me just like his own sister, nothing like his dad.

Our pack is well known for our resources and many other packs exchange with us for this in the months of Autumn as it is easier for packs to travel to ours at this time of the year.

Our Alpha, Alpha Elis is one of the worst of them to judge me and want to get rid of me as I'm a weakness, making his pack look weak. However, his mate, our Luna, is probably one of the kindest women and probably the only reason that I am staying at this pack.  

 At least it's better than going rogue, who knows how long I would last, probably not even a day. I will forever be thankful and grateful to her, a true leader.

I would have instantly rejected such idea of exposing myself to the hateful eyes of the pack members, especially when everyone would laugh and make fun of me like they always did each time I had left the safe boundaries of my room.

 I could almost imagine what they were thinking of me, a she-wolf who didn't have the ability to see or shift, weakness to the pack, a useless she-wolf.

However, today I wanted to leave, to leave the safe confinements of my room and breathe in the earthy smell of the forest right after the rain, my body yearned for it, itching to be let free. So, I had agreed with Penny and she had helped me shower and got me ready to leave my room.

I can feel Penny's hand tightening around my arm as she warns me we are about to make a way down the stairs. She knows I could do it by myself, I had practiced all my life and I could easily make it around my house all by myself.

 As we so slowly make our way to the last step I hear the gasp of a woman which can only be described as my mothers and then her angry high pitch voice questioning me, demanding me of 'where I think I am going'.

I remember my brother describing my mother to me when I was younger and I had forgotten what she looked like.

 He is the only person I could remember, brown short hair and hazel eyes that shined bright yellow when happy and then a brown when he was upset. I miss him.

Ivan explained she had golden hair, cut short just above her shoulders and blue eyes like the morning sky but when she got angry it turned grey and sharp and skin bronze from being out in the sun for too long.

I cower behind Penny, my knees shaking, ready to give out on me any minute and before I can even answer her, Penny defends me.

"It was my idea. I asked her if she wanted to leave so she could get some air."

My mother's response came quick and I can only imagine the flash of her beast turning her blue eyes to the dull grey of a stormy day.

"You know that she is an embarrassment to this family, how dare you think about taking her out in front of the whole pack and embarrass us." She spits the venom of hatred out posing my being, damaging my soul.

I can feel a tremble to my lips as tears spring to my eyes ready to spill any moment now. I sense Penny's anger rolling off her in waves as she lets out a low growl, her wolf wanting to surface. 

However, my mother reminds her of her place and who she thought she is to go against the betas female. Penny stayed quiet, probably showing her neck as a sign of submission to the loveliest mother on earth, yep sarcasm.

She helps me rush to my bedroom, our feet slamming on the hard-wood floors with each step and as soon as the door closes behind us I'm on my bed, my head buried into the pillows and my tears feeling endless. 

I cry for not being enough, I cry because I can't see, I cry because no one will want me.

Penny rubs my back, whispering that it will be okay, that I am worth it, that I am not useless and worthless but all I can think about is when all this will end.

After the tears come to an end I turn my head around and Penny softly apologizes, blabbering out that "I would have taught that hag who she's messin' with but I don't want to leave you and if I said anything I would have been kicked out and who knows who would take my place. Would she be mean? kind? would she feed you on ti-."

I put my hand on hers to stop her rambling. "I know Penny I already knew why you didn't say anything I understand."

And I did, she did it for me. I turn my back to her I tightly squeeze my eyes shut trying to forget who I am, wishing for another life, hoping for a miracle as my sore, burning eyes drift to a dreamless sleep.

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