Chapter:8 ~ It's not over (Part II)

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Xavier's POV:

I got number '21'.

I did not want to spend this party with some girl I don't like. I want it to be with my Ariana. I paid a little to get the same number as her. I can do that even if it's not fair.

I saw her friend kissing the guy probably her boyfriend. They kissed each other without any embarrassment in the centre of the whole crowd as if it didn't matter to them even if somebody saw them.

I didn't want this kiss game to transfer between my Ariana and that bastard Max. I walked towards her when she was looking at her card.

I pulled the card in front of her eyes standing behind her. At this moment I want to embrace her by encircling my hands around her waist, but my instincts want it to go in the right direction without ruining this all over again.

I can feel the heat of her body making me want her more.

She turned her face to my direction. Our nose just a few centimetres away to meet and our eyes locked into each other. I saw the same beautiful eyes just like two years ago.

My gaze moved to her lips which twisted in a manner of nervousness. I can't believe that she is so close to me yet so apart.

I want to kiss those lips and smooch them until they swell by my taste. I saw her ears turn red just like every time I was close to her.

Does that mean I still affect her?

Yes. I can get her back. I know she loves me, I can see her red-cheeks, her nose and those lips. She is made for me and only for me.

'Mr. Xavier Williams, nice meeting you once again.', Max said pulling Ariana to his side.

'Not same with me. It's just that Ariana is my partner for tonight.', I said and showed my card to them.

'It doesn't seem like you are desperate to be with her. I suggest you choose someone else of your choice.', The girl from before claimed.

'Actually, I am very desperate.', I said making Ariana's eyes widen a little with pure shock. 'Dance with me.', I added looking at Ariana.

'Huh?', Ariana looked confused.

'You are my partner for tonight and I don't want your friend and your over-possessive boyfriend to interfere in between.', I said looking directly in her eyes.

'Mr. Williams...', That bastard tries to say something but Ariana held his arms making him stop where he was.

'Sure Sir. I will dance with you.', Ariana said, but that 'sir' part made me furious.

She nodded at the girl and her boyfriend. They all looked at each other and then that bastard put his hand on Ariana's face and kissed her forehead.

I want to kill him. He is kissing my Ariana and I am a stupid moron who is letting him do that.

I stretched out my hand for Ariana to accept. When she took a hold of my hand I felt the urge to kiss her.

This feeling of touch is so arousing and tempting. I don't want to just hold her hand but I want to hold her and make love to her like there is no tomorrow waiting for us.

We made our way to the floor where every couple was dancing in each other's arms. The light was dim and we were only able to see each other's face and not our surroundings.

My left hand is holding her right hand and my other hand is on her back. She kept her other hand on my shoulder.

I pulled her towards me making her eyes widen in surprise. I can't help but a smile reached the corner of my lips.

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