(added in on 2/4/18, a long time after this fic finished)

author's note:


okay listen up,

so i just wanted to put a little disclaimer discussing some things based off comments i've been seeing.

this fic is the first (het) harry fic i've actually attempted to complete and write, this fic was started and finished two years ago, this story does not reflect my best work, and if you look at my stories i don't write a lot of het stories, i'm more used to writing larry, i'll admit a lot of the things in this book are so fucking cliche and cringe worthy, i personally can't even get through with reading the first two chapters without being embarrassed. obviously my writing has gotten better and i could edit and fix this story, but i don't have the time, however in the future i do plan on doing so. this story is also like the rest of the basic "bad boy harry stories", sorry to disappoint. there are some people who say as the story continues on it gets better and less cliche, however that's really deep into the story and it's only a little bit improved.

i'm not upset that people don't like the book, i don't even like it lmao. i just wanted to let y'all know that it might not be what you think.

i'm going to be putting this in the beginning and end of this fic, so if you're reading this at the end- i'm so sorry for you torture.

a lot of things were rushed and didn't make sense, which is weird because this i maybe the most viewed/read story on my profile, and i appreciate that. and if you actually liked this book-it's whatever you prefer, everyone likes different styles of writing.

the next time you guys will hear from me on this fic is when probably when i'm finished editing it in the future, so for now,

love and positive vibes to everyone xx

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