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I walked into the house, and my friends continued to laugh on the porch. I smile. "Just leave them."

"No! No! I'm okay!" Piper said, although she was still laughing. Thalia on the other hand, still in the rose bush, didn't bother claiming sanity. Piper stood straight, smiling, blood red in the face. "Thalia, we'll be inside!"

Piper managed to take the few steps through the doorway, without laughing, but the moment she saw Jason, who was frantically failing at pulling on pajama pants, she fainted.

My best friend actually fainted. I watched her fall backwards and didn't even try to catch her. "Wow, Pipes. Way to be chill about it."

Percy was in a stunned panic, kneeling beside Piper to check that she was okay. She opened her multi colored eyes and giggled. "Well, hello there. You are VERY close."

"You just fainted!" Percy exclaimed.

"It happens. Annabeth, they're both shirtless. Have I died and gone to heaven?"

"You wish, get your hormonal ass up, Piper." I pulled her to her feet.

The comment about them being shirtless made Percy blush more, and he was slowly backing away. "I'm gonna put on a shirt now..."

"No, don't worry about it. We're not complaining. Thalia might, but we definitely are not." I teased. Percy only turned redder.

Jason had finally managed to pull on pants, and he was struggling with an inside out Superman shirt. Piper smiled.

"Well, are we gonna write a song, or sit here staring?"

I could never explain why I felt so bold, but I couldn't help myself. Around Luke, I was only scared. Around Percy, I couldn't stop joking. It felt good to smile, but at the same time, I was confused by myself. Was I supposed to be this calm around someone I was seriously attracted too, and seriously jealous of? Was it natural to feel so comfortable around a guy my age?

The only relationship I'd ever known was with Luke, and he scared me beyond belief. He scared me so much, I was too afraid to break up with him... I didn't know if that was the normal relationship expectation between couples, or if that was the total opposite.

"Annabeth, hey, you okay?" Percy's concern filled voice rang in my mind, washing my thoughts away like the tide. He was very close to me.

"Yeah... Sorry... Just a little uh, lost in thought." He frowned. He must have seen something in my eyes, but he didn't act like at it. I'd never been more grateful. The last thing I wanted to do at the moment was discuss my love life with a boy I hardly knew, yet idolized. I looked at him, and was frozen in my spot, captivated by the green and blue swirls in his eyes, like a shattered gem made from an ocean wave.

"Come on, we should probably get to writing this song." I nodded quietly, and he gently put his hand around my wrist, leading me down the hall.

Thalia had apparently showed up during my thoughts, because as I walked past, Piper and her shared worried frowns in my direction. I shrugged at them and followed Percy. I stepped into his room as he led me in, and gaped. The ceilings were higher than they appeared. I hadn't noticed the interior of the rest of the house, but Percy's bedroom definitely caught my attention.

Everything was different shades of blue, green, and teal, with the occasional spot of black. The bed was massive, and the window over the headboard was huge, with a perfect view of the San Francisco Bay. The walls were painted like waves, and the floor was a light hardwood, with a light blue half moon rug on the side of the room with the bed. My jaw was pretty much on the floor.

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