Chapter #&: Boys Are Icky & So Are Arguments

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"I-ugh, sorry. I'm good," I mumbled as I dust my butt off and cringe at the shooting pain running through my thigh.

I fall way too much- and get tripped way too much too. I come to conclusions that I, Peyton Hills, have the worst luck ever. I heard a few snickers from the girls sitting across the couch from the one Asher was sitting on and I went red in the cheeks.

I turned around to glare at them as they quickly looked away, acting completely unnatural.


"I-I'm sorry, wow. I make you fall a lot, don't I? Haha," Asher chuckles shyly, trying to awkwardly dust off my shoulder.

I turned to stop him from continuing to look like an idiot. Why was he dusting my shoulder off?

"Yeah. Yeah you do," I say as I walk away to throw in my last quarter to get another Hershey's bar. It wasn't the thick creamy texture like the last one that was now mushed on the floor, but it was still chocolate. I needed to fulfill my cravings at this point.

I was walking away as I unwrapped my chocolate bar and halfway down the hall, I stopped in my tracks as Asher's voice called my name. My face was blank when I turned around. I was a little hunched over because of my bad cramps but I ignored mother nature's death wishes to my ovaries.

"Peyton," he calls out in the same accent like he always did. "I have a question."

As I look up to him, my face was stone like. "Go on," I say dryly. "Amaze me."

Asher steps forward slowly- but he was still a few good meters away from me. "Oh, there are so many ways I can do that," he shoots back with a sly smirk.

I look back up to him, my eyes wide. I could feel the heat rushing to my cheeks and I didn't like it. The way he spoke to me made the hair on my arms stand in the oddest of ways. "Shut up, Asher," I mutter as I turn around but he quickly calls my name again.

Asher was known to make sly comments like this, and it usually didn't bug me because it was his personality. Who he was. But this time, it made me uncomfortable, since the aroma was a little off today, considering everything that was going on.

"Peyton, I was kidding. Come back to my dorm?" he asks, motioning behind his shoulder with his thumb.

I let out a light sigh from between my lips. I felt sick, tired and had a lot of revising to do. "I can't I'm sorry."

Just as I was turning around, his British accent echoed once more in my ears, becoming way too familiar. I turned around, once more. This time, I turned around, impatiently chewing on my chocolate bar. "You're really passing up a chance to chill with the guy who just got heartbroken?"

My arms fell to my side, as I swallowed the lump of chocolate in defeat. I turned back around, looking at Asher's appearance from across the hall. He was wearing low slung sweatpants and a tight t-shirt with a small pocket on the side. It was slanted, and really wrinkled. His hair also wasn't gel-ed like he always had it- so perfected without a stray out of place. It was the exact opposite.

My mouth opened and closed a few times before I let my shoulders fall. I felt bad this time- he succesfully shoved some guilt down my throat. My cramps were starting to get the best of me and I couldn't stand up much longer. "Alright, Asher. Lead the way."

Asher grinned a boyish smile walking next to me, his shoulder rubbing mine. "Why should I, when you already know which way to go?" he says as I took a right turn before him, a smirk on my face.

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