Chapter 028: Mind Flayer

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                         Brynn sat up, breathing in and out heavily. She looked around, and realized that she was on the couch in the living room of Joyce's house. She heard voices from the other room.

"We'll see? We cant just sit here while those things are loose!" Cried a voice that belonged to Mike.

"We stay here, and we wait for help." Hopper said. Brynn stood up and went into the kitchen, where Max, Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and Steve were. They all looked at her at once.

"Oh my gosh, we thought you weren't gonna wake up!" Mike stated. "Are you okay?"

"How long was I out?" Brynn asked.

"At least four hours." Dustin responded.

"Hold on... His army." Mike started.

"What?" Lucas and Dustin asked in unison.

"Maybe if we stop him, we can stop his army too."

"What?" Brynn asked.

"There is an army of little demon dogs from the Upside Down crawling around all over the place." Dustin said.

"Okay...?" Brynn responded. Mike ran into another room and came back with a drawing. 

"The shadow monster attacked will that day on the field. The doctor said it was like a virus, it infected him."

"And so this Virus, its connecting him to the tunnels?" Max asked.

"To the tunnels, monsters, the Upside down, Everything."

"Whoa, slow down." Steve said. 

"The shadow Monsters inside everything. And if the virus feels something like pain, then so does Will."

"And so does Dart." Lucas added.

"Yeah, just like Mr. Clarke taught us. The hive Mind."

"Hive mind?"

"A collective consciousness. It's a super organism."

"And this is the thing that controls everything. It's the brain."

"Like the mind flayer." Dustin blurted out.

"The what?" Max and Brynn said in unison. Dustin pulled out an old dusty book, flipped through it, and plopped it down on the table.

"The mind flayer."

"What the heck is that?" Hopper asked.

"It's a monster from another dimension. It's so ancient that it doesn't even know its true home. It enslaves races of other dimensions by taking over their brains using its highly developed psionic powers."

"Oh my gosh, none of this is real. Its a kids' game."

"Yes, but its the closest thing we've got." Brynn added.

"Its a manual. And its not for kids. Unless you know something we don't, this is the best metaphor--"


"Analogy? That's what you're worried about? Fine. Analogy for understanding whatever this is."

"Okay, so this mind flamer thing-"

"Flayer. Mind Flayer."

"What does it want?" Nancy asked.

"To conquer us, basically. It believes its the master race."

"Like the Germans?" Steve responded.

"The Nazis?"

"Yeah, yeah the Nazis."

"It views other races, like us, as inferior to itself."

"Is wants to spread, take over other dimensions."

"We are talking about the destruction of the world as we know it."

"That's great. That's great. That's really great." Steve stammered.

"Okay, so if this thing is like a brain that's controlling everything, Then if we kill it..."

"We kill everything it controls."

"We win."


"Great. So how do we kill this thing? Shoot it with fireballs or something?"

"No... No fireballs. Uh, you summon an undead army, uh, because, Zombies don't have brains and the mind flayer... it... it likes... brains." Dustin trailed off.

"What are we even doing here?"

"I thought we were waiting for your military backup."

"We are!" Hopper shouted

"Even if they come, how are they gonna stop this? You cant just shoot this with guns!"

"You don't know that, we don't know anything."

"We know its already killed everybody in the lab."

"And we know the monsters are gonna molt again."

"We know its only  a matter of time before those tunnels reach this town."

"They're right." Cracked a voice from behind them. They all turned and saw Joyce.  "We have to kill it. I want  to kill it." 

"Me too, me too Joyce, okay?" Hopper said. "But how do we do that? We don't exactly know what we're dealing with here."

"No, but he does."

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