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All I ever wanted was for world peace amongst the packs.

But we can't all have what we want, can we?

Growing up as the Alpha's daughter...I'll admit: my life was easy.

Until war came and then the pack my father tried so hard to provide for turned on us.

What are the odds?
Twenty-two year old Athena Westbrook has always tried to be kind.

Yet her hopes and dreams for her future are crushed when war comes knocking at her family's door due to their rival...Redstone Pack.

When asked to choose between her life and her pack's, Athena makes the choice she thinks is right: she trade's her freedom for her packs' lives.

After she gets kidnapped, Athena meets Redstone's Alpha-the man behind her new misery-she finds out he's mateless, and tries to stay away from him, which is hard since he showers her with gifts for an unknown reason every chance he gets.

Redstone's Alpha falls for Athena hard and fast.

So Athena asks herself: How can you avoid someone that's everywhere?

All Athena can do is prepare to become an Alpha Female.
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So hello fellow Wattpaders!

However and wherever you are, I hope you enjoy my story.

I've had this idea stuck in my head for a while and I wanted to get it down on paper, and hopefully this book won't be a complete mess.

This is a Werewolf story, obviously.

No hate or fights in the Comments.

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We're all taught this in preschool, so pleade no hate in the Comment Section trashing each other or my book.

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If school is a pain, then I will take longer to Update.

I'm not a professional author and I'm human, so if you see mistakes, sorry for that.

Also, I only own the story and not the pictures you may see here.

For those of you that don't know me, I'm Lele.

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